What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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Have a guess.

I picked this screenshot from Breath of the Wild because it illustrates, well, just how damn lovely the game is. Nintendo copped a ton of flak when the Switch's hardware was unveiled because of how underpowered it was compared to the PS4 and the Xbox One.

But Zelda ... it's lovely. It's really, really lovely. I'll write more about it shortly, but believe me when I say this game has a real charm to it, and part of that is definitely visual.

As for other things this weekend: it's Parent Time. I'm off to see my partner's parents this weekend to help celebrate a birthday, so the Switch should come in real handy for that. I'm still playing a bit of Tiki Taka Soccer on my phone, and I'll probably play the odd bit of competitive Overwatch on console with my partner as well.

What are you playing this weekend?


    I'll be playing the Switch port of Neo Geo classic Waku Waku 7, purchased from the eShop.

    jk, I'll be playing Zelda from roughly now until forever

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      I picked that up too, the Waku Waku 7 port. So damned good, haha!

    Zelda of course and Horizon zero Dawn. Dam it's going to be hard juggling these two games

      Luckily for me I don't have the burden of owning two consoles lol so will be Horizon zero dawn for me. I'm curious to see the opinion of the everyday man in comparison to the critic reviews for Zelda

    Well i was commited to Horizon and maybe finishing Nioh (2 missions left)
    after 60+ reviews of Zelda getting an average of 98/100
    now i HAVE to to check it out.
    i was content to wait on it till i had time until the reviews hit
    but my poor Horizon and Neir that i have pre ordered
    i need a week or 2 off work to get on top of all of this

      Horizon and Nioh make me wish I had a PC4 for the first time in a while :D

    Zelda on my shiny new Switch. Which is currently sitting on my desk at work in its box, mocking me, until quitting time.

      LOL, what's your company's policy on toilet breaks? ;-)

    Zelda on Wii U.
    Already counting down the hours til I knock off.

    New patch of The Division, CS:GO and Blackwake most likely. With a touch of Overwatch and Remember me.

    I'm going to be fighting Amon in Yakuza 3 tonight (wish me luck) then finishing off the story mode.

    Stella Glow, about 20 hours in, is turning out to be a charming little RPG.

    Might do the Deux Ex Mankind Divided Criminal Past DLC.

    My copy of Horizon should be here next week :-)

    Watch Dogs 2, Final Fantasy X (just picked up the remaster) and Final Fantasy XIV because I never gave it a proper try when it came out and I'm in a Japanese RPG/MMO mood.

    Horizon: Zero Dawn. Probably just that. Wish to hell I could play BotW but won't be able to afford a Switch for a few weeks.


    I resubbed and rerolled onto Tonberry. rather enjoying myself (well maybe except the constant guild spam haha)

      I just set my character up on Tonberry after maintenance the other night in that little window when new character creation was actually possible. I have never properly played this game so this'll be my first time through. Made a Lalafell because they're the only true option.

        oh I had a Lalafell but i couldn't get used to the height, it's the same odd feeling when I play a gnome in WoW. I'll make her an alt to poke around whenever I want a break from my main chracter

        FFXIV is very story centric so if you're into that type of game I think you'll enjoy it, at the very least if you've played WoW, it's different in that there's one overarching story that pushes you ever onwards to the various zones... WoW is more zone based story lines that tie together loosely

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          The height's the main reason I chose it. Apparently a lot of the FFXIV population tends towards 'badass' or 'slutty', so I figure 'adorable' seems like a nice change of pace. I have two fantasia potions so I suppose I can always change it if it becomes an issue.

            ah i'm sure you'll get used to it once you've leveled every job to 50 (or 60)

            which is another plus to the game. don't enjoy the class you pick? get to level 10 and you can try the other ones =D

    Between spending time with my family, keeping the kids entertained, birthday parties, going to friends for dinner & church commitments, my weekend is already pretty full up!

    If I do get any time to play, I'll continue trying to finish Shadow of Mordor, since the Shadow of War announcement reminded me how good this game is.

    The same as every other person on the planet. Zelda is amazing

    I've got a proper Lan at my brothers place tonight... (as opposed to a 5 man lan where we play dota all night) so it should be COD4, AOE3, WC3, L4D, Killing floor and a swathe of others :) should be good.

    Armello and Nioh.

    Oh and i'll be seeing Book of Mormon :)

    My mother-in-law will be visiting :( but if I get time I will play Horizon Zero Dawn and Hitman's Club 27 mission.

    Horizon Zero Dawn on my PS4, and Torment - Tides of Numenera on the PC. also need to do my placements for Overwatch season 4

    Horizon Zero Dawn (as long as I don't see a repeat of the hard system crashes it caused last night) and some NG+ fiddling in Nioh.

    Likely Resident Evil 0, Bloodbourne and Star Wars - The Old Republic. I'll need payday next week to grab Nioh and Horizon, and of course put down for Nier

    Work and torment: tides of numenera.

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