What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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By the time you read this, I'll be enroute to Japan where I'm going to enjoy two lovely weeks of holidaying with my partner. And since we're on a long plane ride and it is going to Japan, the Switch seemed like a perfect companion.

I'm curious to see how well it holds charge when plugged into those crappy USB ports planes have in cattle class. I'm not expecting it to actually charge the Switch, or maintain battery, but if I can get an extra hour or two out of Breath of the Wild then that'll be good.

Incidentally, I'll be starting Zelda again from scratch because my save file got wiped recently. I was thinking of restarting anyway for various reasons, but then a little kid hung around the office one night and - and I don't blame him - accidentally wiped my progress. Annoying, but accidents happen and he couldn't have known.

What will you be playing this weekend?


    either Nier or FFXIV. just finished my 3rd play through of ME:A so I'll put that on hold till whenever DLC / new patch comes

      Few things here:

      You enjoyed ME:A? How much alien sex is too much?

      If you're playing a girly character in sexy black clothing it should be Nier :)

        ME:A is decent, the animation fiasco is imo overblown and post 1.05 it's only gotten better (there's that one NPC that I still reckon is a bit stiff but that's it). if you're OCD with 100% games then you should probably stay away since some of the random "side" quests are buggy still (they are called additional tasks in ME:A and aren't tracked on the map so that adds to the frustration)

        Peebee is the only alien you can bang but it's on par with ME1 so... she's not instantly likable but does grow on you... just don't watch the final scene unless you're alone.

        I've finished Nier like 5 times already lol but I enjoy the game so I picked it back up again

      Seriously 3rd?

      I've stopped my first because I hated my characters gumby face.... So I started a new game but stopped after seeing her gumby face... and the story isn't enough to get me past these gumby faces.

        that's fair enough, as I've said multiple times, I personally have no issues with the animations or visuals of ME:A

        have you at least checked out the game post 1.05? they made some changes to the eyes of humans and asari

        the story starts slow (imo) and picks up but again that's really personal preference

          I (personally) think the preset heads all look wrong and there aren't enough tools in the character creator to rectify. Which is highly subjective I know.

    Nier:Automata! The dialogue is great, unlike my words now.

    Overwatch for the Orisa skin and Dva victory pose

    Destiny because I'm a chump. Also raids at 390 and new gear.

      You're word write good!

      When does Overwatch event finish? I only really want the D.Va highlight intro.

        Wizard needs food!

        It ends May 1. D.va is the reason I play, if they would hurry up and release a decent model of her i can stop playing..

    RE: your save file.

    If you were from US Kotaku, this would be a Thread on Twitter, at least two articles, probably three about your experience on another site, plus a national day of mourning would be declared.

    Good luck in Japan. Can you pick me up a Street Fighter 2 Turbo arcade cabinet? I'm good for it.

    I'm probably going to be starting another Breath of the Wild playthrough, too.

    I have Persona 5, but... I just really like Breath of the Wild.

    Maybe some Wonder Boy in there too.

    I have Monday off as well, so lots of time! Maybe Persona 5 will get a go after all.

      ♪♫you'll never see iT COMIIIIINNNGGGGG♪♫

    I will be hoping to finish my first play through of Nier: Automata. absolutely loving it so far, it's jumped to maybe number 2 in my top 10 of 2017 already.
    Think i'll aim to get all the core endings before i move onto Persona 5. I only worry i wont have time to them finish that before Injustice 2 comes out.

      Dude, trust me... if you're playing through to the first ending of Nier, you're gunna wanna play through to the other core endings before moving on ;D have fun!

    Horizon Zero Dawn. So fun and challenging. I was showing it off to a mate last night, ran into a herd of Behemoths and Longlegs and got promptly destroyed. I love how sometimes the only option is to run away :-)

    Trying to finish off the final battle for the true ending route of Stella Glow. The final boss is pretty tricky if you aren't properly tooled and leveled.

    Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime: played some last night with a mate. Pretty cool game but would be a bit easier with three players (or even four).

    Maybe some Miku Project Diva f 2nd as well.

    Enjoy Alex and Tegan! This weekend I'll be playing Overwatch on PS4 and maybe a little Stellaris :)

    Horizon or Andromeda. Dunno. Hopefully something! Been watching too much TV lately...

    Wonder Boy and Zelda...and maybe some Diablo, because i'm a dirty dirty loot whore.

      Oh yeah, and playing with my S8+. (for same reasons as listed above)

    I have a four day weekend, continuing trying to knock the last underbosses and collectibles on GR Wildlands - goddamn that game is huge - and then probably check out the new Narco Road DLC. Also continuing my playthrough of DoW2 - trying to knock that off, as well as Chaos Rising and Retribution before DoW3 drops. Not sure if I'll manage it, but I'll try.

      you might be hard pressed for Retribution since that game technically has 6 ending for the 6 different factions. I think the Space Marines is the cannon one though so you could just focus on that

        It's been a while, I didn't even remember that. Not fussed too much about specific endings in that case, just a complete playthrough to feel I'm up to speed, y'know?

          got to admit I can't remember what happened in Retribution haha

          does DoW 3 continue to story arc or something, I haven't kept up with the game so i'll definitely keep an eye on the community response to DoW3

    Second run of Full Throttle Remastered with audio commentary on.

    I feel like picking up Overwatch again to check out the new event and see what's changed in the last few months. I'm also going to check out Portal Knights because it looks like Dragon Quest Builders, a game I enjoyed a heap.

    I just came back from a trip to Tasmania, and the Switch is a really great travel console. A flight from Canberra to Melbourne, then Melbourne to Hobart used up about 80% of the battery- so having an external power source would definitely be handy on a long flight.

    Now that I'm back home, it's back to ME:A for me.

    I'll be finishing off Persona 5. After that though I have no idea, I have so many good games to play and am paralysed by choice (Nier, Horizons, Diablo 3 S10, Dark Souls 3 DLC)

    Going to be at my parents this weekend but if I have time then I will be playing Digimon Cyber Sleuth

    Going to meatstock on sunday, but my weekend started today and dont go back to work till Wednesday. So filling in my time with ME:A, wildlands and civ 6

    P4Golden. Got about 2 hours into it already and it's pretty great.

    The Switch dramas, however, continue unabated. I got my replacement Switch and it had the exact same defect as the one I sent in. So the replacement is on its way back to Nintendo (Melbourne) and they'll check it out from there. From what I can glean, seems to be their QA team didn't catch it. Very disappointed. Considering it was sent to Nintendo on 3 April I'll be without it for a month or more, I don't think that's good enough.

    Persona 5 will be taking up all of my time. Just best boss number 2. Waiting around til the end of the month and getting my skills and confidant levels up. Any
    Anyone in particular worth focusing on. I'm thinking the death one but i have barely touched anything she sells yet...

    Alternating between Watch Dogs 2 and Yooka-Laylee

      Are you playing the DOC for Watch Dogs 2 at all? I heard it includes some non lethal weapons, and that specifically makes me want to actually start playing it. Being kitted up with non lethal options to play through the main game seems like the way to play it

        Not sure what DOC means but from the very first mission your default weapon is a Taser so yes I believe it's possible to get thru the game fatality free!

        It is a very good evolution over the combat in Watch Dogs 1 which already had the most fun combat in an open world game

        Last edited 23/04/17 8:13 pm

          Damn autocorrect, was meant to be DLC :| my bad haha. The new DLC is meant to add in a paintball rifle, an air shotgun and a taser sniper rifle. If you were trying to play non lethally, they sound like the perfect weapons xD

            Oh no I'm just on the base game but those sound awesome! Most environmental traps can be set to knock NPCs out (they even have the metal gear Zzz's)

    Working my way through the Uncharted series on PS4 (never played them on PS3). Just started 3 after running through the first two. Just grinding them out so I can play 4.

    I beat Persona 5 and bought Kingdom Hearts 1.5+2.5 so i can beat all the games again as it feels like the right time to do it... However i started playing another Playthrough of P5 because it's so good.... so i don't know what i'm doing...

    I envy the people who can finish games multiple times, I wish I had the time. A young family and a very intense study load keeps me from playing games like I used to.

    Currently enjoying the last couple of days before back into study mode by playing some old school emulation of Jungle Strike (megadrive) and Golden Axe Warrior, can't really pick up anything that will require a large time investment until December when I get a break that last more than a week.

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