What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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Most people this weekend, at least if you have a Switch, might be checking out the global test for ARMS. But I'm quietly rather keen on spending some more time with a tabletop game.

Literally the day before Tegan and I went off to Japan, a neat board game from Melbourne arrived. It's called Mothership: Tabletop Combat, and it's basically a 4X-lite experience in the form of a tabletop game. You either play for victory points or to eliminate other players, but the moment-to-moment action is all about blowing ships up and upgrading technology, which works for me.

I'll probably end up spending a round or two with ARMS however, given that the first round kicks off from 10:00 AM. I'll have another post with the exact times if you're interested in getting in on the action.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Finishing off South Park Stick of Truth, and probably some Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 since I picked it up for a bargain price the other day! 2014 was interesting, but this one has tons more stuff! It's a weird ass game, but strangely addictive!

    Battling the drift of my Aim controller in Farpoint...

      This almost got me to push the button on PSVR... but drift!?

        I'm getting a bit of a tracking issue where the back end of the gun kinda drifts in an angle so you end up trying to overcompensate once it's noticeable.

        I've fixed it with camera placement but it popped up again. Others are having the issue but some aren't so I think it's just setup more than anything. Most of the time though it is amazing!

    Continued FFXIV smashing. Trying to get as much done as I can before Stormblood hits. MSQ done, and 60 BLM ready to go. Got my first DoL job to 60 - FSH, and trying to gear that and get it so I can make some money. Otherwise I'll try and do as many of those 'unlock' quests as I can.

    Was planning to hit Disgaea 5 hard, but that's not happening. *flips off whoever is responsible*

    After a long break I'm jumping back into Overwatch, gotta get those Anniversary skins.

      Good luck

        Thanks, I'll need it! so far of the 10 loot boxes I have opened I've got 1 Epic and 1 Legendary. The odds have certainly not been in my favor.

    I just bought Catherine on PS3 and will probably be making my way up some block towers.

      Catherine is such a fun game, hope you enjoy it.

      Enjoy hanging in the bar with Vincent and his bros!

    I want to get more Persona 5 played, I'm still only 20 hours in, but my weekend is already pretty full. I have some friends coming over Saturday night, so chances are high that I'll try and pull out some tabletop games like Roll for the Galaxy or Keyflower

    Persona 5 mainly unless the tedium gets too much (Finishing up May which general consensus says is a terrible month for doing anything other than what the game wants you to do) then I'll probably either check out GGXrdRev2:OMGWTFBBQ or see if the Overwatch anniversary event has anything interesting. Although Star Ocean 3's icon has been sitting temptingly in my game list...

    Finished AC Syndicate this week, so it's either Destiny (lv 395 onwards and upwards to 400 pls), or start Dead Rising 4... Tho was hoping the second DLC would be out for that before starting it, so I could knock off everything around the same time :/.

    ARMS and PUBG. Maybe try and get some skins in Overwatch.

    So much Overwatch...grabbed it last night and played it non stop from about 8pm until after midnight

    Finished Heavenly Sword last night (somewhat annoying combat, but otherwise OK game).

    Watch Dogs is on the menu or possibly starting Dragon Age Origins if I get too sick of Watch Dogs.

    That's actually a good question. I've got Prey, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Doom, Fallout 4 and Lego Dimensions sitting there that I need to plow (giggity) through.

    Will probably just finish up Lego Lord of the Rings though.

    Finish The Surge possibly.
    Some of the Hydra CS custom games
    And handheld Alundra on Vita (game is actually massive).

    Playing D&D as a DM. Most of my players claim to be chaotic neutral with few being chaotic good, but their previous actions indicate otherwise.

    So, I'm going to start throwing them some opportunities to see how far they'll go for loot and coin.

      Here's an idea that led to a hanging in our group. Set up a market run by monsters and see whether the PCs take the opportunity to *murder* some shopkeepers and *steal* their goods. Our group was specifically told that (in our case) goblins were legal persons in the kingdom in question. One of the players, however, tried to argue that goblins were monsters, ergo, their *loot* was most likely stolen from dead adventurers and he was administering *justice* by killing them. The DM had a trial for the PC, which led to the aforementioned hanging :-)

    horizon zero yawns

      Not sure if boring because yawns or not boring because zero yawns

    Game 2/120 from the pile: Code Name STEAM. think I'm about 2/3rds through it. Actually having a much better time with it than I expected!

    Game 3/120 is going to be either Wolfenstein: The New Order or Watch Dogs, haven't decided which yet. Obviously Wolfenstein is the better game, but 2 hours in and while I'm enjoying the story a lot, the actual gameplay isn't clicking as much. I kind of feel like an open world, and I want to knock Watch Dogs over, but I got stuck on an early mission a few years ago and put it down. Argh I dunno. Maybe I should just play Assassins Creed 3. Help?

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