What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Hopefully, this.

As I've mentioned before, there's a press event in Melbourne tomorrow for a hands-on with the Nintendo Switch. And as you'd expect, I'll be there to check it out in person. I'm not really expecting to see portable Skyrim in the flesh, but hey - wouldn't that be good?

What is more likely to happen: hands-on with Zelda, probably some Mario Kart or at least something starring Mario, an indie title or two, and some mini multiplayer games showing off the ability to use the Joycons as individual controllers instead of being attached to the dock like in the photo.

Once I return home, since I'm only going down to Melbourne for the day, I'll probably end up writing up my impressions from the Switch. And when I actually start to unwind, I'll probably try and work through a little bit more of Final Fantasy XV (I'm finally up to the fourth chapter - after 30 hours) and Redout.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Hearthlands, Factorio, Big pharma,,,,, want to take some new footage of glorious 3d environments tho

    Finishing Up Watch Dogs, then straight on to Watch Dogs 2.

    Diablo - looking for a spirit harvester for my WD - really want to swap from Moratorium to Soul Harvest for survivability. Been trying to get one to drop all week - nada. Also trying to get the last named elite I need to spawn in the Old Tristram dungeon to get that portrait frame, in the hopes I'll be able to use it at some point this year. FFXV - might start looking at the proper endgame dungeons at last... Might give Event[0] a try - it looks very intriguing.

    Just got a steam link, which works perfectly over my WiFi, so I'll be hitting some backlog of the games which don't feel right sitting at my PC.

    It's amazing how streamlined the link is, it feels just like playing a console. I hit a button on the controller and everything boots!

    My only grievance is with the steam controller, the right haptic pad is so close to the b button that I touch the edge CONSTANTLY, and it throws my view off.

    Just cleaning up my latest dark souls run, then I'm going to hit up mankind divided.

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    Borderlands 2. Was quite enjoyIng the Oasis based DLC until I tried to solo Leviathon. Maybe might circle back and go do another expansion until I can own that giant arsehole more easily.

    I'm playing through Tomb Raider (first rebooted game) as I could never quite run it how I wanted to on my old PC...

    ...it looks amazing in ultrawide.

      Agreed. I'm gonna play some more of Rise of the Tomb Raider on my new Acer Predator.

      Those environments look gorgeous!

        Yeah I'm running an X34 and it is pure gaming bliss :) 1080 really does a fantastic job.

        There's nothing quite like loading up ANY game and it auto-detecting to ultra :)

    Maybe a bit of Doom, although I'm already starting to get a bit bored with it and I'm only halfway through. Might give Darkest Dungeon another go, too.

    Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Future Tone for the most part. I also want to catch up on the Nier, Gravity Rush 2 and Tales of Berseria demos but AGDQ is still on so I'll probably be watching that mostly.

    Maybe a bit of civ 6 if I can find a spare 6-10 hours. Overwatch, BF1... that will probably do.

    Edit: How could I forget... DnD 5e.

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    Almost finished the main story for FFXIV, so hopefully will have that done.

      Just a warning, the last two missions will most likely be boring. Because while you're watching all the cutscenes, all other players will be speedrunning through and killing all fights and bosses before you can even get there.

    I just killed Adamantoise in FF15 (before finishing the main story) so I'll most likely be finishing that game.

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