What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I’m playing Zelda. Playing it pretty much exclusively now. For the longest time I was constantly switching between Horizon and Zelda, forgetting which button was jump, but last weekend I finished Horizon.

Now it’s Zelda, all day.

Strangely enough, I’m missing Horizon. I thought it was glorious. The combat was spectacular, the universe felt legit. And obviously it was utterly, utterly gorgeous. It’s legit one of my favourite games of this generation.

What are you playing this weekend?


  • More Division, WoW 7.2 and going to try and finish up Zelda. Got 3 pieces of Ancient Armor and been farming Guardians for the components to upgrade them.

  • I might try to finish Tales of Berseria or start the Gravity Rush 2 DLC… but I really want to start another Breath of the Wild playthrough.

    … but Persona 5 comes out on Tuesday.

    … and I have Voez and Shovel Knight. ?

  • The Witcher Enhanced Edition, played it years ago but a corrupted save file (and my shitty old PC) stopped me from finishing it so here we go again.

  • I’ve almost finished zelda, just one beast to go. I’ve already scoped out ganon, and geared up.

    Then I can finally start on nier!

    Also just got snake pass, which is a fun diversion from the bigger games. It looks good, feels very rare ish, and is amusingly accurately snakey.

    And shovel knight just copped a 1080p patch, so i might crack on with that.

  • Why, Mass Effect: Andromeda, of course!

    Still 25% through. Got an urge to go back and wrap up Eos before moving on to world number 3. It continues to rise in my esteem, despite it’s many, freaky-deaky glitches.

    I also have all 8 eps of Legion. Looking forward to tucking into that 🙂

  • Installing my new 4K television and PS4 Pro tonight.

    Maybe some Horizon if I get through that unscathed.

  • Breath of the Wild mainly. First thing I did (when the game allowed me to) was take a look at Ganon’s ugly mug in Hyrule Castle and then spent the rest of my time stocking up on what I needed to fight him straight out (Mainly ancient arrows, bomb arrows and food). Removed a pesky boss from the equation last night so now it will be just smashing through the end fights. Maybe.

  • Mass Effect and Destiny. Really like the changes to Crota’s End – the bridge is a lot of fun, and Ir Yut’s challenge mode is probably the best challenge mode they’ve done thus far… keen to see what they came up with for Atheon next week.

  • Planning to attack Kingdom hearts since I missed the boat both the first time, and the remixes a few years ago. possibly going to cry about being tethered to my TV after the portability madness that was constant BOTW and Switch goodness I’ve been enjoying!

    • Me too! I grabbed it last week on the PSN sale, and am thoroughly surprised by how much I’m enjoying it!

      Can’t wait to snuff out some sicarios and liberate some rebels this weekend!

      Oh, and also reinstalled Freelancer the other day. So I’ll be giving that another playthrough too 😉

      ** If this appears twice, sorry. Apparently editing a comment these days gets it stuck in a never-ending moderation queue.

  • Probably more Zelda. I’ve finished it and found all the shrines, but I still have sub-quests to find and gear to upgrade. Screw the Koroks though, 900 is just nuts!

  • More Mass Effect:Andromeda. I made a burst fire rifle that shoots sticky grenades and I love it.

    Also playing the first session of D&D with the housemates and assorted friends.

  • Like you all, BoTW – I want to finish some more shrines, then off to explore Hyrule Castle’s upper parts a bit more.

  • I actually plan on going back into my backlog. Might hit some Watch Dogs 2 or Just Cause 3. Clan night tomorrow night so there’s a few hours of BF1.

    Lookin’ forward to it

  • I’ve actually caught the Prison Architect bug, so will probably be enslaving small little men in orange to make license plates for me while I figure out how to keep them warm. pfft. warmth. COLD HARD LABOUR is where it is at.

  • Trying to play mass effecr but having way too much fun on the new dark souls dlc. At this point I don’t even want to finish it, I’ve gone back to the second bonfire and am just farming souls by helping people kill the angels and the boss.
    Doing a bit of invading as well, but also helping some of the people I invade by guiding them a bit.
    Currently sitting on 1.6million souls because yolo

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