What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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This is a box. And what am I playing this weekend? Move The Box: The Real Life Video Game.

Huge heads up: moving sucks. It's a right pain in the arse, no matter how, when or where you do it, especially if you've been living in a place for a few years. The amount of stuff you accumulate is ... ugh. I'm getting PTSD sitting at my desk just thinking about it.

Once everything is moved, I'll be pouring myself a very goddamn large drink and sitting down to some offline Video Games. I've got plenty of Breath of the Wild to work through, but I also wouldn't mind getting through more of Andromeda or the last bits of Horizon: Zero Dawn. I've also been thinking about playing through the original StarCraft: Brood War campaigns again, with the recent chatter about a remastered StarCraft coming up.

What are you playing this weekend?


    I'm still playing botw, I keep finding new stuff, I can't believe how much time this game has taken!

    I have other games to play dammit! I haven't touched nier automata yet! Why won't you end?!

    Still trying to get through BotW.
    Desperatedly want to get back into Horizon and RE7 in VR and also start Nier.....maybe look at ME: Andromeda
    Dont think i'll be done with Zelda for another week at least though.

      Also really want to finish my platinum of Nioh soon before the dlc arrives

    Zelda AND Horizon - two very similar yet very different approaches to open world RPG's. Loving both equally. It's like picking a 'favourite child', but I actually don't secretly have a favourite....truly.

      I think that while they are very similar playwise, the context moves them far enough apart you dont have to make that call. Kinda like having a newborn and a teenager for kids - they are both your kids, but far enough apart they can be a favorite for completely different reasosn.

    I WISH i could play BOTW but i don't own anything its out on..!
    So I'm thinking maybe some Sniper elite 4 and some fallout 4..See how i go for time.. Lots of family events this weekend.. Games take a back seat!
    Also considering getting Horizon Zero dawn...Do i get it on ps4 or pc...?

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      I don't think you can get Horizon Zero Dawn on pc...

        Lol...Just checked..Not sure why i thought you can!! Ps4 it is... haha

      Horizon is a PS4 exclusive. It might eventually (say in 2-3 years) join PlayStation Now which will soon be accessible via PC, but that streaming service isn't available in Australia.

    Ive got ME:A and ghost recon on the go at the moment but probably fire up civ 6 and watch the time disappear. Or i could do something productive and paint some mini's

    Might install FFXV since I got it on that pricing error sale.

      That was a pricing error? Damn was planning on picking that up.

        I was going to pick it up at $20 but decided to wait a day because it said on the store page that price would remain until 6/4, and I wanted to see if anything came out on the Thursday. But a day later they'd hiked the price to $60. Very dodgy.

    BOTW will probably get some play, although I don't want to burn out and get sick of it so not heaps. Splatoon 2 for sure. Maybe some PoGo with friends one evening too.

    Zelda. Got to fit in as much as I can before I send my Left Joycon's off for repair on Monday. Also going to give the Splatoon 2 Global Testfire a good go.

    Mass Effect: Andromeda. Looking forward to playing without the interruption of children/girlfriends.

    Dishonored 2 and then last guardian while i wait for my bday so i can play horizon zero dawn.

    Probably more HZD for me, or meatspace stuff.

    No Man's Sky. Maybe a bit of PES, too.

    I bought Hyperlight Drifter this week, might take a look or might just leave it until I've got time to devoted to it properly.

    Hitman today. Will try and finish the last episode tonight. And then back to Horizon on Sunday.

    Mass Effect: Andromeda. I'm having a truly awesome time with this game.

    Splatoon 2 testfire and Gravity Rush 2 DLC.

    Also Overwatch?

    Completely free weekend so I'll dedicate most of it to Witcher 3 and I'm back into Hearthstone again so a bit of that too.

    Just got Horizon Zero Dawn today, can finally put my Pro and 4k tv through its paces.

    Dude, I feel like I'm having deja vu - didn't you just move like a few weeks/months ago? If I've got that right, shit man, moving once every now and then is bad enough! If not, my bad, but moving once every now and then is bad enough!

    If you're Switching it up, maybe you can squeeze some Zelda in between stuff - that shit is great on the go.

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