What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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Most of my weekend will be congratulating some Very Good People in my life, but there's always time for an odd game or two.

Three things immediately stand out on my mind ahead of the upcoming weekend break. Firstly, school? School is basically the go-to phrase amongst my group of friends whenever we want to play a game of Battlegrounds. It's been a busy week, and we haven't gotten any games in since the recent patch, so I'd like to rectify that.

As far as new games go, I'd also like to spend some time with Lawbreakers. I like my arena shooters, and everything I've seen post-release suggests that it's a perfectly competent, good looking shooter. That's enough to get me in the door; it'll be interesting to see how long I stay there.

Last but not least is Pyre, which I'm on the verge of finishing. I've thoroughly enjoyed it to date, and I'm keen to see how it wraps up.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Uh, Spla2n probably.

    Over 100 hours in now... Gotta get to that S Rank.

    ... and I want to check out Kingdoms and Castles? Heard some good things.

    Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion for Hearthstone just released this morning. I managed to pull 4 Deathknight Hero cards so will be homebrewing some decks for some funsies. Always the best time in HS when an expansion is released, so much crazy goes on for the first couple of weeks.

    I've found myself happy to continue working towards finishing all Seasonal challenges in Diablo III so I'm working on the Torment X tier now. There will also probably be some Fallen Legion or SMT IV mixed in.

    Was hoping to play The Long Dark, but no Australian PS4 release (or even ACB submission?) means that isn't happening.

    Got a mate coming over on Saturday night so we'll do some That's You, Overcooked and Borderlands The Pre-Sequel, maybe some Alienation (great game!)

    Other than that, Miku Future Tone (gradually working my way through all the songs - damn the extreme ones are hard compared to PD) and HZD Ultra-hard on PS4, maybe some The Witness.

    Put in about 150 hours on Yokai watch, beaten the super-hard Oni without too much trouble, got most of the Yokai and am just grinding my Geminyans to 99 before I'll give it to my daughter to play. That means I'll have to pick a Vita game to start, probably a VN or JRPG. Hmmm, decisions, decisions...

    After reaching max level, revealing the entire map, and finishing every side quest and errand I could, I'm now hammering the story quests in Horizon Zero Dawn.

    This is so I can go back to Zelda BotW, to play the DLC. Where I've revealed the map, finished every side quest, gotten all the spirit orbs, temples and divine beasts, but haven't finished off Ganon.

    Continuing with Nioh - unlocked region 6 on Way of the Demon last night, and am currently gathering gold to upgrade my last piece of armour to 200 (bloody hell, is that expensive...) while figuring out the quickest way to unlock the epilogue mission to unlock Way of the Wise get my arse kicked by the penultimate room.

    Kids will be playing slime rancher amd I will play overwatch for the new skins (hopeless I know!)

    Alsop if I can treat myself away from that then MGSV

    Yep, Overwatch for skins.

    Wipeout so my eyes bleed and probably some retro stuff too... Chakan comes to mind, also Sparkster.

    Doom if I can be bothered. Persona 5 if I get a large enough chunk of time. Probably just running around picking fights with random groups of orcs in Shadow of Mordor.

    I was to play Persona 5, but I feel like I'm going to get interrupted too often. I'm waiting for a magical two weeks away from everything even though I know that's not going to happen.

    CAT QUEST. Omg it's so cute and adorable and fun to play. Cat puns galore. I found out after buying it on Steam that it is coming to Switch later this year, so it's tempting to refund and buy it there later... Would make for a wonderful Switch game.

    Lawbreakers tonight, gotta get gud! Got only one MVP and I suspect I was the only one knowing what the hell was going on for that game

    I got my new pC a few weeks back, so I'm re-installing my library and giving it a crack. Not to boast or anything, but I've never gamed above 60fps before, or owned anything really cutting edge, so my 1080 Ti and 1440p, 165Hz monitor are blowing my mind.

    I'd say I'll be playing Hellblade, but I should have that finished up tonight. Been playing a bit of Rez in-between to give myself a break from the Furies. Other than that, it'll be some more BallisticNG for me, probably DOOM and some Powerslave EX and Doom 64 EX. Prepping for the Drift Stage Steam Early Access release too, so I'll be hot lapping that one, solitary backer track until it arrives.

    And it'll just miss the weekend, but Sonic Mania is out Tuesday/Wed - can never tell with the stupid time zones. I'll be playing that all week. It's probably the one game coming this year that has absolutely no chance of being garbage. Not to your taste, maybe, but definitely not garbage.

      Welcome to gaming at it's finest (in regards to your new PC/monitor setup.. gaming monitors with high refresh rates changed gaming for me)

        To be honest, I mostly went with PC because that's where the games I like are, haha. There's a resurgence of Arcade and Futuristic racers that's me all over, and I couldn't pass on it. I'd saved up enough for a really good setup, but figured if I saved another month, I'd have enough for a phenomenal setup, so I did. But yeah, I've noticed an instant improvement. The 165Hz refresh instantly made me better at BallisticNG, and almost everything else I touched. I thought it was a load of hogwash before, but yeah, I don't regret selling the Xbox One and my library at all :P

          I would have advised against selling the Xbox One if it was your only console? If not all good!
          I tend to swap between my beast PC setup and PS4 Pro constantly.. I seem to currently go through phases where I'm either addicted to my PC or I don't touch it for a month? haha but yeah gaming monitors were the same to me I thought they would have been a load of BS but after upgrading and seeing the difference I couldn't go back to a normal monitor..

            Nah, I was Xbox One/Wii U, but now I've got a Switch too, so I'm all set. My Xbox One sat there mostly collecting dust since I got it, so I don't miss it at all. Was the total opposite with my OG Xbox and 360 - they both still get a ton of play :)

    I'll finish Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice.

    On a whim last week I thought to check if Depth, an asymmetrical co-op pvp whats-a-thingo with sharks, still had a player base. It did. That and Hand of Fate are all I live for now.

    Going to pick up Hellblade when I get home to finish over the weekend.. From what I've heard of people actually playing the game and taking their time with it (shocking.. taking your time in a single player game I know *insert sarcasm*) it seems like the overall feedback has been incredible and the price tag seems just right!

    Picked up a psp go off gumtree so I'll be going back and playing some of my psp faves - ridge Racer , Jeanne de arc, Syphon filter... The list goes on. Still one of my favourite systems ;)

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