What Are You Playing This Weekend?

This is a picture of a sleeping cat. And having just gotten off a plane and run straight into the office, you'd better bloody believe this is the first "game" I'll be playing this weekend.

But once that's done, I have a couple of things in mind.

I'd like to see Horizon: Zero Dawn to the end, but the fun I'd had with Horizon before jetting out to the Ryzen launch also reminded me of how much fun I was having with Final Fantasy 15. I was still mucking around doing silly side quests in that game, but I think it's about time that I start vaulting through the story proper.

That said, the PS4 Pro patch (which I've been playing FF15 on) has been pretty disastrous. Please, please Square, fix the frame pacing issues.

What are you playing this weekend?


    I will be continuing my very first playthrough of the original Dark Souls on Xbox One backwards compatible. I just defeated Ornstein and Smough lastnight before bed, anybody know how long I've got left? As I'm eagerly awaiting Wednesday to go pick up a copy of Horizon Zero Dawn

      Congratulations. O&S were the roadblock I couldn't get past

    Weird off beat one, but I kind of want to play through A Story About My Uncle. Don't want to dive deep into anything I can't finish by next Friday to be perfectly honest

      Don't you mean next Wednesday? That's when Horizon Zero Dawn launches isn't it? :-P

        God I definitely want to... but there's no way I'd get through Horizon before Zelda coming out. It's like trying to pick your favourite child! But Zelda has a special place in my heart, so that's the game for me <3

    The ghost recon open beta has just started, so my plans is to do silly things in that. Like find how far the game will let me abuse helicopters

    All the games I've been looking forward to coming out in 2017 are coming out in the next couple of weeks (Zelda, Horizon: Zero Dawn and Mass Effect: Andromeda). So this weekend I'll be finishing off the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood storylines in Skyrim, and not starting anything else.

    I've been on a good run, finished up MGS V, and Titanfall 2 campaigns in the last week. I have half heartedly tried to get into the withcher 3 a couple of times, but this weekend I don't have anything else on and I am going to give it a proper go! Moved my PC into the lounge, hooked it up to the UHDTV, when I get home I will draw the curtains and only get up for toilet and snack breaks. Oh and possibly to sleep a bit. Honestly I don't know when last I looked forward to something this much.


      Also, remember to sleep - that is a LONG game :-)

    Nothing. With next week I'm taking a break before hunkering down with two massive open world games then!

    Final Fantasy 15 as well, but playing it just frustrates the hell out of me. I still want to finish it though, so who knows what that says about the game? It's just so tied up in tiny little niggles that shouldn't be present (RNG Magitek soldier drops as you roam, the inconsistency with moving, moving the camera, fade-outs and no fade-outs, when exiting the Regalia, so many different ways to get to the map and each way addresses a different need, inability to display the range of magic target reach, etc etc etc) that I'm both torn on finishing it and just giving up completely.

    Just about to finish chapter 7.

    As little as possible before ME:A and Horizon Zero Dawn. Aka, Borderlands 2 lol

    Yakuza 3 beating punk arses and failing at mini-games!

    Maybe Deus Ex Mankind Divided A Criminal Past DLC.

    Stella Glow on 3DS.

    Struggling not to play Steins;Gate 0 as I await the arrival of my Makise Kurisu figurine.

    Going to see if I can finish off Nioh's story this weekend - hit region 6 last night, which I hear is the last one. Still really enjoying it, tho the last boss of region 5 was a bit of a let-down.

    Will also likely be spending some time in the GR:W beta, depending on how stable it is - it froze the game world (could still rotate the camera, but everything in-game was frozen) and broke all the textures when I tried to open the menu to assign my first skill points, which doesn't inspire confidence. The little I got to play looked pretty cool (tho the plot premise and intro delivery was boring as hell, and so cliche that it had to be at least somewhat self-aware), but not keen on the always-online part, given how long it takes to connect to Ubisoft's servers.

    Nothing sadly. Gonna be down at my parent's place in Rosebud. They don't even have internet down there yet! AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

    It kind of feels like the calm before the storm at the moment. Is it September?

      March is the new september for everything that missed the christmas launch window these days

    Does anyone have Gat Out of Hell on PS4? I only need the co-op trophy. Happy to stick around and help out in someone else's game.

    PSN: thabananaman

    I'm actually not sure. Will be some The witness with Mrs Tigs but finished off the 2 games I was playing so need to decide what to focus on next or if I want to cheevo hor those last 2 games before i remove them.
    Maybe I'll get back to either Invisible Inc or Civ VI. The other option is to start wolfenstein

    I like to believe that i'll be playing a real-life version of Sokoban... By which I mean I'll be moving house.

    I caved and imported a japanese copy of Nier Automata, screw waiting two weeks for a game that's already completely localised in the japanese version.

    So lots of Nier Automata.

      It's just the subtitles that are included in the Jap version yeah? Or does it have Eng voice over as well? Or does the game not even have Eng VO

    It's that time again in the six week cycle when I dive deep into MH: Gen.

    Otherwise, I might try and finish Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon, after having started them last weekend.

    Nioh, maybe some Battlefield 1 & a beer later followed by Ghost Recon Beta.

    Money-Stealer-March is up and I have to decide what to buy: Horizon, Ghost recon or a Switch...

    Dishonored 2. Waiting for Horizon Zero Dawn to come out.

    I'm debating picking up Watch Dogs 2, but that season pass price is just fucking ludicrous and it's souring my interest in the game altogether. Is it worth picking up?

      Yep. The game is a lot of fun and you can get it cheap. I haven't bothered buying the season pass and doubt I ever will. There's enough content in the game to keep you going for a long while.

    Probably Tales of Zestiria. I've become oddly obsessed with that game. I have the Witcher 3 and Dragon Age Inquisition to finish but here I am obsessing over a JRPG with poor quality graphics.

    Lots of For Honor more than likely. Sprinkle in a little overwatch and DBC17.

    Smashing through Digimon World:Next Order before Horizon comes out!

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