What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Again, it's the old Sophie's Choice: Horizon or Zelda.

I've been juggling between these two amazing games for the last week or so. I'm equally in love with both for different reasons. But I'm pretty close to finishing Horizon: Zero Dawn, so I think I'll be focusing on that this weekend.

What are you guys and girls planning to play this weekend?


    Still no sign of my copy of Breath of the Wild from OzGameShop so I'm thinking more Xenoblade Chronicles.

    Or (dare I say it), Skyward Sword. Personally, I never really liked that game. It is clear that ideas in it are now common place for Breath of the Wild but back then, the game felt like a failed attempt at crossing Zelda with Mirrorwind.

      I actually loved Skyward Sword. Would have been better without the patronising 2 hour opening tutorial, the waggle controls and the barren sky world, but the dungeon design was stellar and overall I loved the story. I feel it's a little underrated.

        I think I finished a dungeon or two but at the same time I was still doing my PhD.

        So there is a good chance I had a lot of pent up irritation just clouding my experience of the game.

        Funny though. Doing my PhD was one of the most stressful and irritating periods of my life yet there are elements of that time I still miss and know will not see again.

          Definitely one to play when you have adequate time. I've ruined games for myself when I've played them while stressed about something, completely ruins the experience. Although now I see your comment below you received BotW - go straight to that!

      Actually, scratch that. Game just arrived on my door step and am now sending my two weeks notice so I can play the game uninterrupted.


    Beach trip this weekend, but I think I'll be playing some Horizon Zero Dawn on Sunday night when I get home

    Escape from Tarkov, R6 Siege and a harrowing game of Call of Chernobyl where I set the difficulty to stalker and have it set to dead is dead... my butt whole can only be so tight.

      How hard is it to get into R6 Siege? it looks great I just worry it'll be difficult to grasp for a good few hours of play and will likely require a bunch of mates.

        Its like going into Counterstrike or Dark Souls pvp. You need to persevere through five or so hours of "learning the rules" before you will even start to get anywhere.

        Due to maps being destructible sight lines can come from anywhere and that has a tendency to scare off new players, as they tend to get killed pretty routinely from murder holes in the roof or floor.

        Siege is the kind of game for people that want a break from CS but still want the really short TTK, tactical plays and quick decision making from competitive shooters. Its not perfect, but if you have an ich for a competitive tactical shooter this is likely the game for you.

          Thanks. I tend to be pretty dedicated if I see the potential in something. Might have to check it out on PS4 if it's relatively sheap.

    Not sure what to do now that the wife and I both finished Horizon: Zero Dawn. I guess maybe pick up Dishonored 2 again? Still trying to get everyone paired up in Fire Emblem Fates: Revelations before I push any further into the main story.

    Horizon: Zero Dawn. And maybe some Hitman - Freedom Fighters episode

    Horizon. Third of the way through. Like to finish it before Andromeda but lol

    I'm about 80% of the way through Zelda; I should finish that with a day of playing and then I can slam through Nier Automata on PC.

    Continuing through Witcher 3, though I've lost some motivation to be honest. I've gone through ups and downs as to how I feel about this game. It's so clunky and that really bugs me. Perhaps I need to stop burning myself out on sidequests and ?'s and focus on the main story.

    Otherwise I've returned to Hearthstone and realised having missed the last couple of expansions it's bloody hard to be competitive! I'd always kept up to date with the latest cards in the past but now I'm missing so many new critical ones that it's really tough. Finally understanding what people complained about coming to the game late.

      How far are you into the game? I started 3 weeks ago, and I have just gone over 100hrs, and it feels like it will never end! One thing I wasn't prepared for was just how shocking the controls are, it really shits me sometimes, but I can look past it because everything else is stellar.

        I'm in Skellige at level 21 I think, about 70 hours played. Yes it's bloody huge! So many things to do but I fear if I try to do them all I'll lose interest, hence the focus on the main plot. Controls annoy the shit out of me. Looting is a pain in the arse, you have to stand just right. Roach is a piece of shit who never spawns where you want. Oh hey Roach, good job spawning at the base of the cliff I'm standing upon stuck in a bunch of trees.

        But yeah, the rest of it is pretty stellar. It's a shame about the controls.

    Bloodborne: The Old Hunters

    Maybe start Horizon when I finish Bloodborne. Hesitating to start it, but having seen the dire need for patching in Mass Effect I'm not likely to play it on launch.

    Stella Glow on 3DS.

    Working my way through the alternate endings/stories of Nier:Automata mostly with some Ar NoSurge thrown in.

    Still, playing around in Breath of the Wild. Going to see how much I can get done before Andromeda is actually released.

    Ori, finally got around to picking it up after seeing the AGDQ run and am impressed with it.

    Toss in some Horizon too as I've finally got a weekend with no uni stuff due and need to enjoy my 10 weeks of freedom till the little one arrives

      Oh man, Ori & the Blind Forest, so good. Thats a game I would love to experience for the first time again.

    been playing some Killer instinct due to the world cup last week, will probably continue not making any significant progress in BotW as well.

    I also got a copy of Shadow of Mordor for $5 US, might try that out as i never got around to it when it first came out.

    Last edited 17/03/17 11:47 am

    Dark Souls 1 & Dark Souls 3 (new character ready for the new DLC)

    Ghost Recon: W for that multiplayer & maybe check out Battlefield 1's DLC

    I could play more of The Witcher 3, but as wa1dofoo mentioned earlier , I feel burnt out, 100+hrs and have been playing on & off since release including all DLC's! That or start The Last Guardian - but with Mass Effect coming out next week there is only so much time.

    All this with the standard house cleaning/child rearing duties involved over the weekend. May even visit the shops in search for a Switch (if the misses will allow me)

    Horizon: Zero Dawn and the Mass Effect: Andromeda trial. I'm only allowed to play it for 1 hour and 20 minutes a day. That way I won't use up all 10 hours and then cry until Thursday.

    Nier Automata is out tomorrow so that's my plan. Zelda and Horizon both shelved as I'm apparently the one person on the planet that turned out to be unable to derive much enjoyment out of either of them. :( If Nier doesn't end up grabbing me I guess I'll dig something out of the pile.

    My brother is coming around tomorrow night so we normally get into hours of NHL17. Proobably play some DBC17, MVC3 and Mortal Kombat with him too.

    Apart from that For hHonor and Overwatch. I also might be keen to give Shadow Of Mordor another go. It didn't grab me when it first came out at all, but I must have missed something because everyone raves about it.

    With the exciting news with Shadow of War, I started a new Mordor game. Now I kind of regretting it as its difficult for me to get back in and finish Horizon.

    Planning to continue the addiction of Overwatch - I just cannot stop.
    I also have a feeling I will start a new RimWorld colony because that game is great.

    ME:A as much as possible then back to FFXIV

    I hear WoW's new patch has started preloading, not sure if i'll care enough to return

    Well due to the long weekend I'm come down with a bout of civ fever which is likely to continue for a while. At least as long as it takes the world to realise the one true religion of mother russia. If not longer.

    Was it Alex on the Static podcast that was really against using the term "Sophie's Choice"?

    Anyway, might try and play some VA11-HA11A, picked it up, along with a bunch of other games, during Christmas. That article about Necrobarista reminded me that I never sat down and played it.

    Well, after going through my achievements on Steam I realised I never finished the first Portal game so I will be getting stuck into that. But I tried one of my son's games the other day, "One Piece: Pirate Warrior 3" (which is totally not the kind of game I would usually play) and it was kinda fun, so I might play that some more.

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