What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

There won’t be a lot of time for video games in between Mother’s Day and the festivities of this evening, but I will be carving out a little bit of time for some RC racing.

By RC racing, I’m specifically referring to the Hot Wheels expansion for Forza Horizon 3. I’ll try and have some footage up for you by Monday; I was hoping to get it up earlier, but as it turns out FH3 is a fairly mammoth download and a house inspection happened to get in the way as well.

If I’m lucky I might also be able to squeeze in a board game or two. The day before I went on holidays the office received a 4X/miniature space fleet game, designed by a dude down in Melbourne. It’s called Mothership, and the expected playtime is only around an hour or two, which is about right.

What are you playing this weekend?


  • Think i’ll be getting into Marvel Heroes on PS4 this weekend and cracking out the PSVR before it gathers dust.

  • Darksiders Warmastered edition.

    If I manage to finish it at some point this weekend, I’ll either move onto Darksiders II Deathinitive edition, or get back to trying to finish off The Witcher 3.

  • Finish off Persona 5 (last dungeon and boss)

    Then back to breath of the wild 🙂 – might squeeze in some FE Fates before Echoes comes out, halfway through revelations now.

  • Heavenly Sword on PS3 – hasn’t aged particularly well in both looks and mechanics, but entertaining nonetheless. I particularly like the character of Kai. I think Andy Serkis got a bit carried away as General Flying Fox, but he’s pretty good as King Bohan.

    Mafia II on PS3 – enjoying that it is quasi-open world but with a strong narrative bent. The characters are great and the story is OK as well.

    Moe Chronicle on Vita – fan-service and grinding!

    MouseCraft on Vita – for those occasions where I need to do some rubbing in Moe Chronicle and the setting is less than ideal (e.g. on a bus). Turning out to be a pretty solid tetris/physics puzzler.

  • Most likely playing some TrackMania and Yooka-Laylee​ with my partner and kids. Hopefully will have time to squeeze in some Persona 5 as well.

  • Should hopefully get my d&d on. I miss my tiny gnome cleric.

    Other than that, maybe finally get around to continuing with Pokemon Moon and if I’ve got time, I might revisit GTA 5

    • Ah, I’ll have to grab your nintendo id – i’m playing Sun. I also had my 3DS stolen before Xmas and lost all my progress and my friends. *sadface*

  • Downloading 9gb Quake Champions update right now! Servers should go live again later today, so that will no doubt be a good part of what I play this weekend!

  • Destiny raiding and/or Iron Banner tonight. I’ve finally started Uncharted 4 this week, up to the start of Chapter 4. Bloody fantastic so far, especially with HDR on.

    Tomorrow it’s Alien: Covenant and the Melbourne Rebels vs Queensland Reds, Sunday we’re going to see Colossal. 🙂

    • Have fun mate, sounds like the perfect weekend. A mix of Rugby, Movies & Games, can’t go wrong with that.

  • I’ll be getting stuck into Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate this weekend ^_^. And playing bits of BotW; one Divine Beast down. Destiny is on a it of a rest for a couple weeks; my one character is at 395 but will pick it up likely after the D2 gameplay reveal.

    Semi-related to the board game talk, has anyone had familiarity with deck-building games? I’ve only just heard of them this week, but there’s a couple DC-based ones I’m interested in. Are they good co-op gaming?

  • getting rekt on AFL evolution online.

    Game got a bad rap but I enjoy it for what it is. Not perfect and some annoying bugs that need to be patched but its an enjoyable game. Especially with mates.

  • The journey through my endless back catalogue continues. Will be playing through Mafia II & Dead Space 3 on PC while jumping about on Fox Sports to watch the NRL, Super Rugby & UFC.

    As a side note I just wanted to say I watched two great foreign films earlier this week. The Korean horror film The Wailing & the Chinese action thriller Operation Mekong. Both films are great & come highly reccomended.

  • Persona 5. Im in dungeon 6 currently. Still contemplating about going for a new game plus once i finish. I don’t want it to be over!

    • Yeah im absolutely loving it – I think im up to the 5th Palace though… I feel like once i finally finish a palace and get that treasure im ready to just do some downtime stuff but then when its time to enter a palace again Im chomping at the bit to get back in there!

      Such a great balance in this game. And it may well be the VERY FIRST new game plus i have ever started once i get there!

      • Me too. If i go ahead it’ll be my first new game plus ever. I have a back log puff games i want to play like horizon Zero Dawn but all i want to do is keep playing persona.

        • Lol another amazing game… I dont know how but i completely missed the hype train for zero dawn so i picked it up a week or two after launch after reading so much about it!!

          Ended up platting Horizon within around 42 hours over a week and a half or so and traded it in for Persona 5!!!

          Seriously havent platted a game since i think Shadow of Mordor?! Amazingly good story telling and gameplay in these two outings FOR A CHANGE!!!

          I have 2 kids under 4 and a wife so it takes something really compelling to make me deal with the whinging and staying up later than i should just to deal with whinging in the morning with a headache 😉

          • Shadow of Mordor was my last platinum too. I rarely bother to platinum a game either. Don’t have time for that.

  • I’m still pretty early into Persona 5, so will try and get a few more hours in this weekend. Loving it so far though!

    Will also sneak in some BoTW and Mario Kart as well

  • Prey and some more Nioh. Finished the DLC last night (that final boss… such a pain – super mobile, regenerating stamina and hyper-armour…) and working my way through Omi region in NG+.

  • Just started Dark Souls 3. Only few games make me want to return and play them even if I have like 15-30 spare mins. DS3 is one them, just in love with that gameplay and challenge. Will definetely invest a few hours over the weekend while my missus is asleep.

  • Mass Effect Andromeda, my first Mass Effect and I’m 22 hours in. I enjoy it, the combat feels great even after playing Horizon. I can see why the game gets a bad wrap though, especially from people who played the original trilogy.

  • Persona 5 mainly, I’m up to just building to 3rd Dungeon.
    Also do a little Overwatch and some of the last collectibles on Horizon Zero Dawn. ( I’m very close to Platinum)

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