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Yesterday, Bungie announced a two-day extension for the Destiny 2 beta, continuing a long-running video game industry tradition of announcing the same surprise news again and again. It's as sure a thing there is in video games: If there's a beta, it will be extended.


Gears of War fans are set to get a taste of a new era of Gears multiplayer when the beta opens this April on Xbox One. For a game series that has built a strong community around its multiplayer, and is currently in the process of growing its eSports footprint, the two week beta is an important step in development of the first game from The Coalition Studio.


Over the years I've spent in this industry I've learnt that the best two emotions to have, when dealing with video games, are anger or unreserved love. It's where much of the best writing comes from, where a lot of great analysis starts and either end of the spectrum is a deep and powerful source of creative energy. You don't have to stay on that side of the spectrum with every piece you write -- and articles can flip from one to the other, always be an interesting journey for readers and writers -- but it's an excellent starting point.

Conversely, the worst emotion to have when previewing a product is none at all: total apathy.

What purpose does multiplayer Uncharted serve?