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Welcome to my third annual post on new media for the Half-Life fan-created remake Black Mesa (formerly known as Black Mesa: Source). It doesn't appear to be any closer to release than it was when I wrote about it in 2006 and 2007, but the new screen shots, released on the original game's ten year anniversary, are worth a peek.


Remember Black Mesa Source, the Half-Life remake? If you don't, it's quite understandable, as the game has been in development since just after the announcement of fire and the wheel. We saw a teaser trailer earlier this year, not long after an update letting fans know that it was still on track despite setbacks. Fortunately, for those who still have hope that Black Mesa Source will eventually see the light of day, the team has given them a Christmas present in the form of a media update, showing off a few new areas and some spiffy textures. Dozens of high-res screens have been added to the site's Media section and are worth the visit.

The official site also promises "a surprise in store that is currently in late stages of production and will be done very soon." At this point, I'd really just appreciate it Valve would just cut them a check to fund proper, uninterrupted development or bring them on board. The wait is starting to become unbearable.

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