Remember That Black Mesa Half Life Remake? It's Still Happening

I still remember when Ben White — Kotaku's web designer/extreme Valve fan boy — showed me the trailer for Black Mesa: Source for the first time. I was blown away. You were probably wondering what the hell happened with that project. Well, RockPaperShotgun has a great interview with Carlos Montero, Project Leader, to find out what's going on.

Well, the good news is — it's still happening, the team is still working on polish and creating sections of the game itself. The bad news is, given the nature of the project, the team doesn't really have any concrete final release date.

There’s been a lot of speculation that we have been doing nothing but polish for the last year or longer. This is simply not true. There were and are still parts of the game that we are actively developing, because the game isn’t done yet. It is true that over the last year we have put a ton of polish into the game, but this has largely been because some members of the team are less needed on the forefront of development and have taken to polishing old things and trying to achieve quality and consistency across the board.

There is also work that some may casually classify as “polish” that is really more about making sure we are hitting the quality bar we want. If we are examining level flow, pacing, weapon progression, puzzle challenges, player intuition, where people get lost, or stuck, or confused, is that polish? Perhaps it is, but often I think many people are specifically thinking we are sitting around remaking the same assets over and over a little better each time, or trying to find and fix every bug so our game can be “perfect”. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

This hasn’t been about polish for polish’s sake; it’s been about learning all there is to know about how to make great games, and using it to make a great game. There aren’t any shortcuts there. We just had to learn by doing, by making mistakes, by screwing things up and starting them over again. Sometimes along the way we have learned things that fundamentally changed our way of thinking, and sometimes we have gone back and fundamentally changed parts of the game to reflect that.

It's a great interview, with some really good insights into the direction the team is going with the Black Mesa project. Worth reading.

What Happened To Black Mesa: Source? [RPS]


    This is extremely relevant to my interests. Been waiting for this for years!

    I was thinking about this the other day, I just assumed that it was quietly scrapped or something. Very glad I was wrong. :)

    I..I think i just peed a little.

    Sometimes, if you wait long enough, things start to happen. Unfortunately, I've waited toooo long and no longer care.

    No one cares anymore.

      I care.

      And these fine people care.

      And Kotaku cares. And so do the people making the game.

        I care as well

      Not true - I do. I haven't played the original Half Life, and given that I've waited *this* long, I figure I might as well wait for the remake.

        Dude you should play the first Half-Life if graphics don't matter to you also people should play the firts game before just jumping to the second game as it Does have story.

      This whole thing feels like a scam, I'm waiting for the lead dev to come out and say he needs a new computer again. That's the real reason they lost most of their dedicated fan base, now I'm assuming this hype is because they want to get some kickstarter funds.

        Worst scam ever then - they can't accept donations, let alone sell it, and they can't accept kickstarter funds due to legal reasons...

        Spreading lies and misinformation for some unknown reason smells like trolling, so I'm assuming thats exactly what you are, a troll.

    I still intend to play this the day it is released. For a while I was holding off playing Episode 1 and 2 so I could play Black Mesa, HL2, Ep 1, Ep 2 in succession.

    With Half LIfe being one of my favourite games of all time, the thought of being able to play it with pretty visuals is very much up my alley. Even if Valve chuck it on Steam and charge new-release prices for it I'm buying it. Would love to see the game in motion.

    I care. Been checking the website for many years- no news. Very happy it's still happening.

    Pffft. I DID care, but it's just been too long now.

    I'll be happy when I see it, but don't care if I never do at this point.

    Hanging out for this. HL1 = best game of all time. Hopefully it gets an xbox marketplace release at a later stage but i doubt it.

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