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Though BoJack Horseman has built up a loyal fanbase since it debuted on Netflix four years ago, there's been a contingent who have criticised the series over the voice casting of one of its main characters. Creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg was recently asked about the issue, and his response was pretty much the best answer that can be given in such a scenario.


For such a terrible year, we got a lot of good things out of 2017. Good movies, good TV and one of the best years for games we've seen this generation. As far as things I've sat in front of and consumed, I can't really complain about 2017 at all.


Netflix dropped another season of BoJack Horseman this weekend. As is tradition, I watched all of it all in one go without realising. While Kotaku's managing editor Riley MacLeod, intern Chloe Spencer and I had some problems with the fourth season's execution, we all still love this weird, depressing, hilarious show. So we sat down and talked about it.