In The First Season 5 Trailer, BoJack Horseman Can’t Admit He Needs Help 

In The First Season 5 Trailer, BoJack Horseman Can’t Admit He Needs Help 

The most dangerous thing about BoJack Horseman’s profound narcissism is the way it blinds him to the fact that he’s often the agent of his own sabotage. In the first trailer for BoJack Horseman’s fifth season, the famed actor makes clear just how far away from self-actualisation he still unfortunately is.

Though his career’s seemingly on the mend, BoJack’s personal life is still a mess thanks to his drinking, emotional stuntedness, and that persistent inability to be honest with himself about reality.

After the failure of his last attempt to return to TV, the equine actor’s back as the star of Philbert, a new cop drama — but the trailer also emphasises how a return to the spotlight probably won’t be enough to bring BoJack back into fighting form if he doesn’t get serious about self-improvement.

It’ll be great to see BoJack beginning to get back on his feet and see what everyone else is up to when the series returns on September 14, but from the looks of it, those first steps back toward redemption are going to be wobbly and booze-soaked.


  • One thing I’ve learned, is that this is a show you can’t jsut marathon. Or at least, I can’t. The hits to the feels…

    That said, looking forward to it!

  • That’s really snuck up on me. A little over a week away – looking forward to it, but the week is going to drag on.

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