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The Big Daddies Are The Best Part Of BioShock

There’s a lot to love about BioShock. Released in 2007, the game was praised by critics and seen by many as a spiritual successor to System Shock 2. The city of Rapture, the underwater dystopia where BioShock is set, is filled with fantastic world building and some gorgeous water.

Dauntless Is A Less Intimidating Monster Hunter

Dedicated players of games like Monster Hunter: World might feel burned out after spending so much time in the game, while players curious about the genre might be intimidated by World‘s complicated gameplay. Dauntless is an upcoming free-to-play monster hunting game that looks to help both types of players scratch…

One Of Nioh’s Best Fights Is The Most Realistic

Dat mustache, tho Nioh pits the player agains a variety of foes. Deadly yokai and horrifying beasts rage about the countryside eager for blood. The boss fights are often grand battles against monumental foes but the best are surprisingly subdued.