David Allegretti

David Allegretti is a Native Content Editor at Pedestrian Group, working across PEDESTRIAN.TV, VICE Australia, Refinery29 Australia, Business Insider Australia, Gizmodo Australia, Lifehacker Australia and Kotaku Australia. He loves creating fun, informative (and sometimes weird) content, regularly going on first-person adventures in the name of quality journalism, David has been published in The Guardian, The Age & Sydney Morning Herald, VICE, The Japan Times, Junkee, MTV, Beat Magazine, Jetstar Magazine, Concrete Playground, The Brag, and many more. You can catch him on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. Or can get in touch via email.

  • My Favourite Gaming Moments Of 2021

    My Favourite Gaming Moments Of 2021

    2021. Boy howdy, what a year it’s been. Some might be inclined to write off this whole cursed year as merely a sad continuation of the 2020 glitch in the grand simulation we collectively call life, while others might just see it as simply the final death throes of the great republic of humanity. Whichever…