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What happens when you take one of the staples of gaming and transform it into a sensory experience? That's the question I'd like you to answer for this week's Community Review.


After Disney Infinity shut down early last year, the future of video games bringing toys to life seemed grim. But then E3 2017 rolled around, and Starlink: Battle for Atlas appeared.

So now that people have had a weekend spinning around as Starfox and co, let's talk Starlink.


Now that we've all had enough time to download about six patches, get the hang of swinging and knock off a few bosses, let's have a chat about Spider-Man.


There's plenty of games worthy of a community review this week, so we'll have a few extras as the days roll on. But I wanted to start with a game that's been a TAYbie favourite, but also a bit of a letdown in the past.


With Yakuza 0 last week and the arrival of August, the quiet release window has begun to shut. So, for those who jumped into the Yakuza series for the first time, how's it been?


With Hand of Fate 2 getting a Switch port last week, it was a fresh chance for people to experience the weird action-RPG / roguelike / deckbuilding / dice rolling mix from Defiant Development. And as a result, it's a good time for a Community Review.