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On Friday night I played the first hour or so of Nioh.


But I'm keen to hear what you all thought of it.


There hasn't been a glut of major releases in 2017 yet. They're still coming - March is seriously stacked - but until then, it's been a good opportunity for stress testing.

Ubisoft's done a bit of that, with a closed beta for For Honor and most recently Ghost Recon: Wildlands. The Wildlands beta is still running for about another day, which gives everyone a chance to offer their two cents on how it's coming along.


We've had a few days now with (most) of the answers we wanted: the release date, the price, and what games are coming out.

Now it's time for your review: what do you think of the Nintendo Switch?


It's the last time for a Community Review before Christmas, and as a result there's only one thing left to cover for the year: 2016 itself.


I've had friends message me in all-caps the day they picked this game up. It's sold millions and millions of copies already, apparently. Even just looking at the trending page on the PS4 shows that this game has absolutely taken off.

So it's time. Tell me what you think about Final Fantasy 15.


It's been a little while since the launch, so I figure most people will have had time to digest, explore and comprehend all of the changes and additions within Pokemon Sun & Moon. And now it's time to ask: what do you think?


While most of the buzz has been about Pokemon Sun & Moon over the last few days, it wasn't the only major game to get a release last week.

Watch Dogs 2 came out and, by all accounts, it's a good improvement from the original.