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I've seen some remarkably silly headlines surrounding Sonic Mania over the last week. None of them, mind you, was due to Sonic Mania being bad. The opposite, in fact.


The most monumental patch for No Man's Sky dropped late on Friday night, sparking a frenzy amongst fans and people who abandoned the space epic last year. So for something a little different with this week's Community Review, I thought we'd see who has checked back in with the game.


Splatoon fans have had a couple of weekends to grind up and unlock all the weapons now, which makes it a perfect time to look back on how the nation of Inklings has fared.


E3 attracted plenty of attention, but there's also been a fair few games released over the last couple of weeks worth looking at. And one of those was the return of a PlayStation classic, something that the PS4 felt a little naked without: WipEout.


There aren't too many asymmetric multiplayer games kicking around, so when one pops up it tends to get a lot of attention. And when that same game happens to star Jason Vorhees, it gets even more attention.


It's been a while since people have been asked to investigate an abandoned space ship or space station, and Morgan Yu's adventure goes delightfully pear-shaped.


This one's only been out for a few days, but I'm betting that's enough for many of you to have some strong opinions. It's a beloved franchise that has gone through a series of drastic changes. Let your fellow Kotakuers know if it's worth their time and money!