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With Yakuza 0 last week and the arrival of August, the quiet release window has begun to shut. So, for those who jumped into the Yakuza series for the first time, how's it been?


With Hand of Fate 2 getting a Switch port last week, it was a fresh chance for people to experience the weird action-RPG / roguelike / deckbuilding / dice rolling mix from Defiant Development. And as a result, it's a good time for a Community Review.


While console fans will only get a chance to build their dino park this week, those on PC have been corralling T-Rexes since the middle of E3. So for those who jumped on the Planet Coaster makers' take on a Jurassic World theme park, how have you found it?


With a bunch of games dropping so close to E3 (or in the middle of), it means Community Review gets to look back a little this week. So, let's talk Vampyr.