Community Review: Metroid Prime Remastered

Community Review: Metroid Prime Remastered

For the first time ever (but probably not because I have probably asked for this before), I am asking for not only your thoughts on a new game that I haven’t played but also on how it reflects a series that I have never played. That’s right, it’s time for a Community Review of Metroid Prime Remastered.

Today sees the physical release of Metroid Prime Remastered for the Nintendo Switch, but the game has been out digitally through the Nintendo Switch eShop since early February. Due to this, I figured that you guys would’ve had ample time to give it a go which means you’re more than ready to give me your opinions on the remaster. David’s already been going absolutely buck-wild about it, but I’d like to hear from you folks too.

It’s funny, I’ve never played a Metroid game but I have played plenty of Metroidvania games in my life. I loved Hollow Knight, and even recently played a game called Lost Ruins that could be classified as a Metroidvania and found it to be just lovely. Even the Gunbrella demo put a pep in my step. Metroidvanias have always been a staple in my gaming life, but I’ve never touched a single Metroid game… or even a Castlevania game. Please put down your pitchforks, I am a feeble and weak little baby that hasn’t played every single game.

Now I know, I know. Metroid Prime is considerably different to the older Metroid games due to the whole first-person situation. But hell, I haven’t even played that. I know, I’m a fool and a nincompoop. It has simply never fallen into my sweaty little hands. When Metroid Prime was released on GameCube, I was simply too busy with the likes of Luigi’s Mansion, Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door, and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. I wasn’t in my FPS era yet.

So, my sweet Kotaku commenters, I ask you this. As somebody who has played Metroid Prime Remastered for the Nintendo Switch, how would you rate it? Do you think it’s a well done remaster? Do you think that it’s a perfect way for someone like me, who has watched Samus blast nasty fuckers from afar in awe, to get into the series? What has your experience been like with it? Let me know!

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