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Here kid, have a book I'm in.  (Screenshot: Square Enix)

Avengers’ Story Campaign Is Bigger And Better Than I Expected

When you start Marvel’s Avengers, the in-game menu suggests you complete the single-player campaign before diving into online multiplayer. Now I’m over six hours into the campaign and only just unlocked Black Widow, my fourth of the game’s six playable launch characters. This might take a while, but I’m not…

This is the Hulk, seen here smashing things. He does that. (Screenshot: Square Enix)

I Played The Avengers Beta And I’m Not Excited

This past weekend I got a chance to step into the sneakers, armoured boots, and severely distressed cut-offs of some of my favourite comic book heroes as part of an early beta event for Marvel’s Avengers. I was hoping my brief time with the game would quell the nagging feeling…