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Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is pretty long name for a game with a straightforward pitch: What if XCOM but with animorphs?

While it's based off of a pen and paper role-playing game popular in Sweden during the '80s, developer The Bearded Ladies have made it their own by injecting the inspiration's DNA into a turn-based tactical game. After close to an hour with Mutant Year Zero, I came away excited to play more, and not just because one of the characters I got to control was a duck in a top hat sporting a crossbow.


At first glance, the PC game Black Future '88 looks like too many other indie games, with its pixel art, synth music, and neon-infused cyberpunk aesthetic. But below the familiar surface is a well-defined roguelike with a surprisingly distinct identity forged in large part by the sheer force of creative will imposed by its maker, Don Bellenger.


Our train slowly chugged to a halt. Something was apparently blocking the road up ahead, possibly put there by a rival band of survivors. The captain sent my character out to investigate. Moments later, I was killed by a giant floating orb of static. Post-nuclear Russia is not a place to explore blindly.


I managed to survive E3 2018, my first one in fact, and I can even remember most of the games I saw and played. There's too many to name them all, but below are the most notable ones I got a chance to check out. I've written about some of them already on Kotaku, but there is also a handful of others I haven't yet had the chance to talk about.


Splatoon 2 is a game about squid-kids waging war with neon ink. It isn't an easy one to explain to grandma. And it takes place in a freaky world that raises a lot of questions. What did squid kids evolve from? How do they get so much ink in those little ink guns? Where are these kids' parents?


I've never been a Dark Souls fanatic, but I appreciate the vibrant new mini-genre of Souls-likes it's helped inspire. The Surge is one of those, and from what I saw at E3 2018, The Surge 2 looks like it will be a big improvement with some new ideas of its own.


There's a new Sonic racing game coming, one that ostensibly brings an element of teamwork to the action. So why did I feel like I was the only one pulling any weight, during my demo? There is no "I" in team, but there is one in "Team Sonic."


When Resident Evil 2 released in 1998, it had to follow up on a game that defined a new genre of horror. Not only did it manage to improve the formula, it went on to be what many people consider the best game in the series. After a long stretch with no new information besides "it's coming", we've finally seen Resident Evil 2's remake in action, and it's very different from the original.


Hello gamers. You may be asking yourself a lot of questions right now. "What's it like inside Sony's E3 booth?" and "How does Norman Reedus stay so perfectly still for photos?" Well, do we have some answers for you.