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The Evolution Championship Series (colloquially "Evo") wrapped up its first trip to Japan last weekend. It was full of incredible moments highlighting the best of competitive fighting games, including a mind-blowing moment during the BlazBlue: Central Fiction tournament that saw one entrant completely reverse his fortunes in an extremely dire circumstance.


Last night's Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 action at the inaugural Evo Japan was incredible, but it was the lead-up to the final match that really stuck with me. The commentators gave a surprisingly moving speech about the passion and dedication of the fighting game faithful, the culture of the community, and putting soul into every coin.


Despite a long history spanning back to 1996, the Evolution Championship Series has never held an event outside the United States. That's all going to change come January 2018, as the organisation plans to host the inaugural Evo Japan in Tokyo, with a few notable changes that set it apart from the main tournament series.