Man In Dinosaur Mask Defeats Opponent, Amuses All 

Japan's Colossus not only uses Dinosaur in King of Fighters 14, he wears a dinosaur mask while playing. Just like he did yesterday at Evo Japan.

[GIF via Evo]

This is just one of several masks Colossus owns and wears.

During the first day of Evo Japan, he didn't disappoint, playing as Dinosaur and appearing as, well, a dinosaur while facing off with France's Rickyo.

[GIF via Evo]

Colossus came out on top, mask, headphones and all.

[GIF via Evo]

How can he see?

[GIF via Evo]

He can smell movement.

[GIF via Evo]

After the match Colossus thankfully did not bite his opponent's face off. That was nice of him!


    If he beats an opponent, is the catch phrase then, "Get Rexed"?


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