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Fortnite's emotes have taken on a life of their own: In the last two weeks, I've seen kids and adults replicating the game in real life. If you watch sports, you've likely seen goals or good plays celebrated through emotes. And if you play Fortnite, you've definitely had some jerk dance over your cold, lifeless corpse.


On Super Bowl day, I wasn't all that interested in the outcome of the football game. I was excited for something else - the rumour that a new Cloverfield movie was going to drop that same day. 10 Cloverfield Lane was fantastic, I thought, so maybe this will be too. I'm totally going to stay up and watch this! An hour later, I realised I had been tricked in by J.J. Abrams' latest marketing gimmick.


Last weekend, I spent hours chasing after a single elusive strawberry in Celeste. Over and over again, I kept dying to the toxic muck surrounding my collectible prize. Hundreds of wasted lives, an endless number of fuck-ups, a complete halting of progress. There was only failure, but I was stubborn. I was going to get that fucking strawberry if it was the last thing I did.


Nintendo's upcoming grand experiment with cardboard is unexpected enough that people have reacted dramatically to the announcement. Largely, fans seem to fall into two camps: Either they're psyched to build their own contraptions, or they don't understand why something like this exists at all.


Breath of the Wild makes you care about Zelda by making her pain palpable. By that measure, Zelda's journey is a good story that accomplishes what it sets out to do. At the same time, the tale at the heart of the game compounds an ongoing frustration felt by some fans: Zelda isn't allowed to be the kind of hero Link is. (SPOILERS AHEAD!)


On today's episode of Fave This, I'm joined by special guest Danika Harrod from Waypoint. In between talking about how to be good at Twitter, we discussed the greatest Vine of all time.


On this week's Fave This, Gita and guest Heather Alexandra talk about how games can benefit from being campy. Whether it's Metal Gear Solid's Vamp or Deadly Premonition's sinner's sandwiches, a lot of games embrace how weird they are to be more fun.


In this special holiday episode of the Favecast, we're joined by former game journalist/one-time guest Kotaku weekend editor and Dishonored 2 narrative consultant, Cara Ellison, to talk about the subtle things women notice when men write female characters, primarily through the lens of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.


A big controversy within the Overwatch community this year revolved around the healer Mercy. Top players experienced hostility and harassment just for picking the character, and major Overwatch personalities derided the hero for supposedly having a low skill ceiling.