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Liam "Mangachu" Campbell is a Canadian Overwatch player who's quite good, as shown in his use of Eichenwalde's rooftops to strike with Genji's ultimate.


While it's possible to play Overwatch and not pay attention to its lore, there's a part of that game's fandom that loves it for its lore. These fans theorise about character backgrounds, make fan art, and often obsess over the possible romantic pairing in the game, known as "shipping."

They imagine former friends Reaper and Soldier 76 sharing intimate moments in easier times, or they dream of rivals Widowmaker and Tracer falling in love on the battlefield. There are also fans who ship Genji and Hanzo. That's where some fans think shipping goes too far, because Genji and Hanzo aren't former friends or rivals. They're brothers.


Some relatively minor tweaks aside, Overwatch's cyborg ninja dragon blender Genji hasn't changed much since launch. Over the past few weeks, though, I've come across dozens of threads begging Blizzard to nerf Genji so hard he starts throwing rubber ducks instead of ninja stars. What happened?