NBA Star Luka Doncic Is A Grandmaster Overwatch Player, Mains Zarya

NBA Star Luka Doncic Is A Grandmaster Overwatch Player, Mains Zarya

An Overwatch 2 Twitch streamer got a big surprise when NBA star and Dallas Mavericks point guard Luka Doncic randomly ended up on his team. Doncic, an out and proud Overwatch player and, concerningly, Hanzo/Genji main, was playing Zarya in the grandmaster match, which streamer M0xy was beaming live to the Twitch masses.

“You got any hobbies, Donatello?” he asks as they guard the first point on Numbani, referring to the Zarya player in question by his gamer tag. “Yeah I play basketball,” Donatello answers after hitting the emote that makes Zarya say “privyet.” “OK, like you go to a gym or you play on a team?” the streamer asks.

Donatello’s answer is so simple and said with such an astonishing lack of emotion and the perfect Slovenian accent that we have no choice but to stan: “Dallas Mavericks.” This immediately causes two of the players in the match to ask if he means “varsity” or like, the real thing. “No, no, real,” Donatello says. The clip cuts to a later point in the match, where it seems like the squad has been grilling him for quite some time about his identity. “When’s your birthday?” they ask. “28th of February,” he responds.

“Well, he actually knows…I Googled that, you’re actually right,” the streamer confirms. “I know, I’m him,” Doncic says. It’s so perfect, so utterly simple and matter-of-fact amidst the colourful explosions and incessant Overwatch sounds, that this clip should be hung in the fucking Louvre.

But what makes all this even more perfect is that Doncic is a grandmaster Overwatch player, which means he’s the highest rank you can possibly get before breaking into the global top 500. This dude is good at Overwatch 2, and the fact that he’s playing tank in the new 5v5 format means he’s rock solid at his role, too. It’s great to see he’s focused on tanking now, as opposed to his 2018 confession that he mains two of the most annoying DPS characters to play against, Hanzo and Genji. That’s on growth, guys.

Kotaku reached out to representatives for both Moxy and Luka Doncic but did not receive a response in time for publication.

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