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Two years ago, when GX Australia was first announced, co-organiser Liam Esler wrote, “I want a place where, even if it’s only for a weekend, I don’t have to worry… Because everything around me, down to the pop-culture I consume, tells me that who I am isn’t normal, that I don’t fit the mold of societal expectations.”


The last couple of days have been excellent for the organisers behind GX Australia, who will be able to proudly say they are running the country's first LBGT gaming convention after their crowdfunding campaign ticked over their $50,000 goal with 24 hours remaining.


Every time I see a straight couple holding hands, or kissing, or hugging in public, it’s a little painful.

I'm Liam Esler and I'm gay. I’ve been with my partner for the past eight and a half years, and I don’t feel comfortable doing any of those things. Not necessarily because someone would say something, or do something, but because we become a spectacle for people to react to. I can’t hold hands with my partner walking down the road without being judged for it. And it’s all well and good to say, “Well, just ignore it,” but why should I have to? Shouldn’t it be okay for me and my partner to express even a small amount of affection in public and not be judged for it?