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Briefly: The whacky indie side-scroller Joe Danger is coming to the PS Vita on September 2, Sony just announced. Anyone who owns the console and loves games about daredevils and/or Sonic the Hedgehog should definitely check it out.


When I first caught wind of Hello Games bringing their stunt-racing hero Joe Danger to iOS, I imagined a straight port of the original PlayStation Network release, complete with a screen cluttered with virtual controls. Instead they've delivered a game that fully embraces the touch-based platform, one that's as refreshing to play as it was for the company's founder to develop.


Former PSN exclusive Joe Danger has made a very rare jump to the Xbox 360, Microsoft seemingly content to play second-fiddle for once in exchange for some new goodies.


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Hello Games' Joe Danger, for the PS3, looks amazing. We'll get to see whether it actually is or not next month, since that's when it'll be available for download from the PlayStation Network.


Tired of stodgy corporate games made by The Man and his minions? We're playing the 31 best indie games for a change of pace - and so we can judge them. Today, Joe Danger.


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Hello Games' Joe Danger is on a very, very short list of downloadable games that we're unreasonably excited about here at Kotaku, a game that got its first official video showing during last night's GameTrailers TV.