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Monopoly for Nintendo Switch came out yesterday (for the Nintendo Switch). That's the good news if, like me, your dreams of playing vast, deep, games of chance and capitalism have for all these years been thwarted by small technicalities like the fact that everyone you know refuses to play Monopoly with you. The bad news? It takes forever to load.


Video games look better and better with every passing year. Just in the last few months alone we've seen gorgeous technical marvels like Horizon: Zero Dawn, Breath of the Wild, and Injustice 2 (yes, seriously).

But while game graphics just keep getting better, loading times -- the bane of all impatient players -- don't seem to be improving at all. In some cases, they're so heinous that they have got to be beaten into submission with barrages of post-release patches. Will our more powerful, more expensive gaming rigs ever get strong enough to eliminate the wait?