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Microsoft's latest Surface Pro 6 and Surface Laptop 2 devices won't come with USB-C or Thunderbolt 3, the latest and fastest standards for connecting accessories and charging your computer. Meanwhile, Apple's recent MacBook Pros have taken the opposite approach by only including USB-C ports - alienating those who don't necessarily adopt the latest tech the moment it rolls out. Neither company has the right idea.

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There's no doubt that Apple makes some of the most expensive computing hardware around. They charge a premium on the back of great build quality and an eye for detail that leaves many other computer makers in their wake. But when Apple sent me their latest 15-inch MacBook Pro for review I had to do a double take. When I checked the spec and price on Apple's website I discovered the system I was reviewing was priced at $10,339. That's a big jump from the opening price of $4,099. Here's what you for more than double what my first car cost.


Windows laptops have been beating MacBooks around the bush for about a year, partially thanks to the fact that Apple has been awfully slow to refresh the line with modern hardware. Overnight, Apple announced they were doing exactly that - although the long-awaited MacBook Air replacement is nowhere to be seen.


For almost a full decade, Apple's MacBook and MacBook Air were the head of the pack. They certainly weren't the most cost-affordable, but with a killer touchpad, trackpad, plenty of battery life and a lightweight chassis that made it perfectly portable for university, conferences, and commutes, they were popular for a reason.

But the years passed by. Apple neglected a product that was beloved by many -- the official product page is still talking about CPUs that are three generations behind the competition. And with the new generation of thin and light laptops that just arrived in Australia, and the ones to come, it's an uphill battle for Apple.

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So there I am, 10,000km from home in a foreign country (whose language I don't speak) covering a trade show by myself, and I realise the power brick on my XPS 13 is busted. This is a disaster. My laptop is my lifeblood. I need it to write stories, edit photos, and collaborate with the team back home.

Without it, I'm truly screwed. And what's even worse is that my work XPS is the last generation without support for charging over USB-C, and because Spain doesn't give a shit about Dell, there was no replacing it (trust me I tried).

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Apple's new MacBook Pro is the first significant upgrade to the creative professional's go-to laptop in years. It adds the first touchscreen that any Mac has had, updates to new(er) Intel processors and AMD graphics, and makes a swathe of behind-the-scenes usability changes. It's the sum total of those small changes, though -- not the new processing power or the not-exactly-amazing battery life -- that make the new MacBook Pro a worthwhile purchase if you're considering one.

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The MacBook Air was Apple's everyman computer, but as it slowly sunsets that notebook, we're looking to Apple for a new vision of the do-everything laptop. The MacBook Air was the computer that businesses issued to their employees, the notebook college students bought, and the laptop you saw littered across coffee shops throughout America. The MacBook, because of its price-to-performance ratio, hasn't quite hit that sweet spot. But the new MacBook Pro without Touch Bar could. This is your MacBook Air replacement, and it's going to cost you.