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Droid: It's not just a robot from a galaxy far, far away. It's also a good option for anyone who wants a mobile device unshackled by the closed operating systems used by certain other smartphone manufacturers.


A good game of Subterfuge can last weeks as players seek to steal territory and destroy their opponents. It's a mobile game of deceit, backstabbing, and half-truths. This weekend I won my first game, and I barely needed to get my hands dirty at all.


Pokemon GO player Rickey Yaneza stood in New York's High Line park, built on what was once a stretch of elevated train tracks, waiting for Mewtwo. It was an EX Raid, an invitation-only in-game event where teams of 20 players can fight to take down the game's strongest Pokemon and, if they win, add it to their rosters. He was surrounded by ghosts.


Game developers have been trying to figure out how to paddle their way through pirate-infested waters for decades. DRM, "glitches" designed to thwart pirates, and more DRM have done little to stem the tide.

Seeing this, a handful of developers took less combative approaches, putting their games on sites like the Pirate's Bay themselves. Months (or in some cases, years) later, they say it was a worthwhile experiment, even if it didn't improve their sales all that much.


Many of us use our smartphones and tablets to stream videos and movies, but not before we plug them in to make sure there's enough battery life to last the viewing session. But cradling your device for hours at a time can get uncomfortable, especially when you've got a charging cable poking out of it. That's where this Podium-Style Charging Stand comes in handy, and it's on sale for nearly 80 percent off.


Originally I had "mobile gaming" instead of "the world" in the headline, but realised Niantic's augmented reality game has busted well and truly free of its humble silicon confines. No, it's pretty much a global phenomenon at this stage. But how much so? Two brave souls have attempted to quantify Pokemon GO's effect on the planet.


The first Infinity Blade wasn't the deepest of games, but the touch controls and rebirth mechanic were compelling enough to make up for it. The next two games improved the formula, relegating the original to electronic aether for most people, but if for some reason you want to play all three together, you can currently grab the trilogy at a discount.