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NBA 2K15 has gotten off to a shaky start. Since the game launched two days ago, players have been reporting ongoing problems with many different aspects of the game's performance -- everything from the stability of its online multiplayer to losing progress and stuff acquired in single-player.


Or any kind of game with character creation, for that matter. At a basic level, this kind of tech has been around for years, most notably with EA's Game Face. But that service makes you take regular photos, upload them on a browser and tweak the settings there.


I was just thinking last night about sports video games and their actual purpose, what is the end goal? EA had just announced that Eden Hazard would be on the cover of FIFA 15 in the UK. "t's the most realistic football game I have seen," he had said via a press release. But what does that mean for a sports game, to be 'realistic'?