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"Why not?" It's such a simple question, yet it's led humanity down all sorts of interesting pathways and also to the brink of destruction and back on multiple occasions. Now, finally, we've arrived at our pinnacle: Somebody managed to cram both Nintendo 64 Zeldas into Super Mario 64.


Nintendo said they wouldn't manufacture the Mini NES for longer than a year, and minus the supply issues at the start, they more or less stuck to that. They've also said they won't make the Mini SNES after 2017.

So even if it's not confirmed, we all know it's coming: the Mini Nintendo 64. So before it does, let's help Nintendo out with 21 games that a Mini N64 absolutely has to have.


Yooka-Laylee recaptures some of the best aspects of platforming. You run, jump and climb your way around dazzling levels. But it also tries too hard to recreate the past without building upon the lessons old games taught us. We take a closer look in this critical video.


Yooka-Laylee is a bright and enthusiastic throwback to classic 3D platforming. It is adventurous and full of discoveries. It is silly and irreverent, never taking itself seriously. But it also wears out its welcome fast, spiraling players into a ceaseless collectathon full of frustrating puzzles, technical difficulties, and aimlessness. It has brought back the best of 3D platforming, but also the worst.


On February 4th, 1999, one of the greatest hoaxes in video game history began. The Zelda fandom was shock by a player claiming to have found the Triforce in Ocarina of Time. Ariana Almandoz, a gamer from Colombia, had all the details, but she wasn't quite ready to share them with the world. Through vague hints and convincing screenshots, she lead the fandom on a wild chase for Zelda's legendary treasure.