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If I wrote a list of my favourite games of 2017, Nioh would not be on it, because I didn't start playing Nioh until just two days ago. I just bought it for myself for Christmas, 10 months after its release. And I've made a video about what I think of it.


Nioh, a beloved samurai action game that came out earlier this year for PS4, is coming to PC this November, complete with all the downloadable content that publisher Koei Tecmo has released so far.


Nioh is an astonishing game with fast samurai action. Ninja tools, magic spells and a variety of weapons should have made for fun player versus player battles. Unfortunately, sloppy connections and overpowered builds drag down the experience.


Nioh takes a lot of liberty with its historical setting but still maintains a large cast of famous warlords, samurai, explorers and ninja. Every one of them has a story. Here's a quick primer on what history tells us about these individuals.


On first glance, Nioh does not seem remarkable. A generic looking action RPG in the vein of Dark Souls, Nioh seems more like a lost Playstation 2 curiosity than a killer AAA exclusive. Ignoring it would be a terrible mistake though. Nioh is one of the best action titles in years, packed with exciting combat and genuine heart.


On Friday night I played the first hour or so of Nioh.


But I'm keen to hear what you all thought of it.


The PS4 samurai action game Nioh is out today. It is really good. It's also really difficult. If you want to play it but don't want to spend hours figuring out how everything works, I've got you covered.