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This year's PC Gaming Show was neatly wedged between the Ubisoft and Microsoft conferences. But its presence was overlooked by many outlets and questions still remained as to whether it could shrug off the awkwardness of its inaugural year.

Partly in response, the show's organisers responded with a brisk 100 minutes of trailers, interviews and gameplay footage.


Road trips are rad. You cram into a car with your best pals and explore the great unknown. Or a series of traffic-ridden highways en route to a music festival or something. Still, it's the journey, not the destination, that counts, right? I'm glad games like Final Fantasy XV, Overland, and The Flame In The Flood are finally getting it.


As crude and reductive as it can be, video games love to compare themselves to other video games. It's the easiest way complex systems and settings can be conveyed to people who haven't played (or maybe not even seen) something that's still in development.