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During the PlayStation Meeting livestream, Sony's Andrew House announced something large: if you want the benefits of higher fidelity, better colours and a better dynamic range, you don't need to upgrade your console. The benefits of HDR will be available for all PS4 owners, and it'll be available from next week.


In just under half an hour, Sony is expected to officially lift the lid on what the PlayStation Neo looks like at their PlayStation Meeting in New York. The slim revision for the baseline model of the PS4 should also make an appearance, and it'd be a surprise if there wasn't a healthy amount of discussion about life after PlayStation VR as well.

But what precisely will Neo look like? How much will it cost? We're about to find out.


Sony has some new consoles coming out. One of them they've mentioned before -- their 4K console, the PlayStation Neo -- and one they haven't, the slimmer revision of the PS4.

But tomorrow morning the company will finally show all and sundry what they've been developing. So if you're intrigued and want to follow along, we've got all the details.