FIFA Ultimate Team Championship Decided On 90th-Minute Set Piece

After two days of play in Berlin, the grand finals for the FIFA Ultimate Team Championship came down to the wire between Chevrey “Vitality_Rocky” Corentin and Shaun “xShellzz” Springette. Despite losing the lead on his home turf, a last-minute rally helped Corentin barely scrape by and secure his spot as…

Random Car Steals The Kill In Overwatch Tournament

Oasis’ active traffic, even in the face of an ongoing superhuman turf war, has led to some fantastic vehicular highlights. In a match between Detonator Gold and Hong Kong Attitude in the ongoing Overwatch Pacific Championship, pro player ManGoJai learned the hard way that you shouldn’t jaywalk.

Dota Match Turns Into Five-Hour Melodrama

At about 11:00PM local time a day ago, in the European West servers of Dota 2, 10 players queued up for an average, unranked match. Over the course of five hours, these players would rage, taunt, abandon, create new accounts, and become good friends. It was an odyssey of Dota…