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Briefly: There is new X Games DLC coming for Steep on October 30. It is going to bring "a series of new ski and snowboard events across the Big Air, SuperPipe, and Slopestyle disciplines, as well as new freestyle challenges scattered across the Alaskan mountains."


I can't get enough of the Winter Olympics, so I've been looking for video games that recreate the feeling of watching people risk their lives in the cold. I recently picked up Steep for its Road to the Olympics DLC. Steep nails the rush of speeding down a hill, but it's better at capturing how it feels to hop up one.


On December 9, Nathan Grayson, Chris Person and I walked into the recording booth at Kotaku's New York headquarters to stream Steep, Ubisoft's extreme winter sports game. Aside from the faulty controller, horrible accents and Cronenbergian horrors, it went pretty well.


Amidst all the hype and drama of The Game Awards, you might have forgotten that Ubisoft's open-world extreme sports adventure Steep launched today.

If you tried to load it up earlier today - the day of launch - or right now, you won't be able to play. And there's a reason for that.