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Though he doesn't have traditional super powers like most of his friends, Batman's got a lot going for him. He's a handsome, rich, athletic white guy with virtually endless resources at his disposal. And yet, every so often, people come along who feel as if that's not enough to make Batman a real superhero.


DC's crossover game is strong lately. Not only do we have things like Justice League/Power Rangers on the way, along with the next Batman/TMNT crossover, the company has now announced that several of its weird (and very wonderful) comic takes on Hanna-Barbera characters will now host a series of team-ups with DC's own finest heroes.


As publishers often do for comics series that get turned into multimillion-dollar films, DC Comics is offering up a new Suicide Squad series. The first issue is not very good. But there's been a much better version of the motley crew black-ops squad concept running around in the wild that the House of Superman has nothing to do with -- and that's probably for the best.