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Nintendo of America took June off. Today we've learned they're taking July off too. But in August the publisher will once again release new Wii and DS games from sea to shining sea.

Announced today are:

8/25 - Mario Super Sluggers - Mario and friends playing baseball via the Wii (developed by Namco Bandai) 9/8 - Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir — A DS edition of the popular PC hidden picture series from Big Fish Games 9/29 - Wario Land: Shake It! — A side-scroller for the Wii (Developed by I-don't-know-who) 9/29 - Kirby Super Star Ultra — A DS remake of the 1996 SNES platformer, with touch-based mini-games added

Someone please console me that the DS sequel to Rhythm Tengoku, a rhythm game made by the makers of WarioWare, that's set for summer release in Japan, was not announced as part of this line-up.

Also note, Nintendo owners, that the baseball game is from Namco Bandai, one of these games is a remake and another is possibly being made by Big Fish. It certainly appears that Nintendo's internal teams, whose most recent work was May's Wii Fit, should be on deck for a lot of games in the fall.

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