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This month marks 25 years since Doreen Green entered the world of Marvel Comics as Squirrel Girl, although her true road to becoming one of the greatest Marvel heroes around didn't really begin until her excellent series Unbeatable Squirrel Girl kicked off in 2014. To celebrate her 25th anniversary, here are 25 of the best moments from this most fabulous of comic books.


In a quest to continue being the go-to comic for creating the most nonsensical blogs, this week's issue of Squirrel Girl uses basic computer science and counting in binary to deliver a splash page so fundamentally rad that it should probably grace the cover of a mid-'80s metal album. Suffice to say, it's rather brilliant.


We see a lot of drama when superheroes already have husbands, wives or significant others in romantic relationships. They can get angry, hurt and, of course, dead. Doreen Green isn't worrying about any of that yet. She just needs to figure out how to find someone to date.