Squirrel Girl's Dating Life Sucks

We see a lot of drama when superheroes already have husbands, wives or significant others in romantic relationships. They can get angry, hurt and, of course, dead. Doreen Green isn't worrying about any of that yet. She just needs to figure out how to find someone to date. If you've been reading the most excellent Squirrel Girl for the last year or so, then you might have been expecting the lead character to eventually hook up with fellow mammal-based hero Chipmunk Hunk. Doreen thought the same thing, but her hopes got dashed after they help out the New Avengers in The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #8.

Doreen's friends decide to set up their bushy-tailed heroine on some online dating platforms, which leads to a hilarious montage of failed encounters:

Wait, is she a mutant again? Or just freezing out the lonely Sentinel out of solidarity?

I would snatch up a series based on terrible superhero dates in a heartbeat.


    Darn it, Evan. Stop making me want to read comic books.

    Who knew that dating Wolverine would be her high water mark for romance?

    My favourite hazardous dating in a comic would have to go to I Feel Sick by Johnen Vasquez.

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