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In Manhattan's Greenwich Village neighbourhood sits Alamo, a giant cube sculpture by Tony Rosenthal which dates back to 1967. The artwork, a.ka. the Cube, lives not far from New York University, The New School, and few other landmarks. It's been in music videos by Cypress Hill and other groups and has been the subject of a few pranks, including one that turned it into a giant Rubik's Cube.


The Weighted Companion Cube is not supposed to make people cry, but it most certainly did back in late December, when Valve's official plushies sold out within 24 hours of going on sale. We did not hate Valve for this. We were patient. We bided our time. Oh the biding we have done! Now said biding has paid off, as a fresh shipment of Weighted Companion Cubes have shown up at Valve's store, both in plushie and fuzzy dice formats. Both are available for $29.95, and both will more than likely be sold out within days, if not sooner. Aperture Science takes no responsibility for customers trampled to death in the ensuing rush.

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You may remember Posterchild's previous video game to real world work, when the artist started throwing up Super Mario Bros.-style question blocks made of cardboard and wrapping paper that dangled from tree limbs and light posts. Posterchild has taken another iconic video game block, the Weighted Companion Cube from Portal and installed it (with matching portal) on Bloor Street in Toronto. There are much bigger and much better pics of this fantastically super awesomeness at Posterchild's own blog, if you're not in the area to eyeball them yourself.

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