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Kicking off at 7:00AM today, eight Street Fighter 5 pros will face off in the Eleague play-offs and finals, which you can watch via live stream on YouTube Gaming, Twitch or ELeague Live. There are also two other Street Fighter 5 competitions happening this weekend as well -- Combo Breaker 2017, a premier tournament in the Capcom Pro Tour series, and Red Bull Kumite 2017, an SF5 invitational featuring two of Eleague's finalists in the lineup.


Joshua "Wolfkrone" Philpot dominated the roster on Friday night's Eleague Street Fighter 5 bracket, earning himself one of the slots in the playoff bracket on May 26. The only games Wolfkrone lost were to Kun "Xian" Ho, the winner of Final Round 20 and a big contender to win Eleague. In the end, Wolfkrone went 3-2 against Xian in their final loser's bracket match, which cost Xian his chance at the playoffs.


There's nothing fake about the rivalry between Street Fighter 5 pros Kenneth "K-Brad" Bradley and Joshua "Wolfkrone" Philpot, but on Thursday Eleague gave the pair a chance to play it up for the cameras. It isn't exactly a years-long feud, but it's already a popular one. The first notable stand-off between the pair happened last January at Frosty Faustings IX, where Wolfkrone beat K-Brad. After that, the two kept the rivalry hot with some online trash-talk, leading up to an epic match at Final Round 20. K-Brad won 2-0 and got right in Wolfkrone's face afterwards.