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Europe's Fnatic and Origen have been two of the very best League of Legends teams at the World Championships this year, so fans went into this weekend with high expectations for their semifinals games. Neither team managed to live up to them, as both went 0-3 in their matches against Korean rivals.


Ever since I began covering the League of Legends World Championship this year, I have received complaints from readers asking (or demanding) that I stop spoiling the outcomes of games in my articles. After a lot of deliberation, I've decided that I can't do that. You all deserve an explanation as to why.


In every game of League of Legends, a dragon flies into the map. Someone kills the dragon. A few minutes later, another dragon shows up. Why does he come to the exact same spot where his fellow dragon was murdered? You might ask. Wouldn't he notice something's up? Today Riot's Worlds shoutcasters gave a dark answer.


Going into the League of Legends World Championship match-up today, the question wasn't if the Korean powerhouse team SKT 1 was going to lose to Taiwanese challenger ahq e-Sports Club. It was: "Will ahq manage to take a game or two off of SKT's perfect winning streak?" SKT just answered with a resounding nope.