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YouTube stars Megan Turney and Gavin Free were forced to hide in their closet and call 911 last month after a fan armed with a handgun invaded their home and fired "at least one round inside the house". He was then shot dead by police in the couple’s driveway.


On Tuesday, President Trump and his administration announced that they would end the DACA program which allows undocumented youth brought to the United States as children to work and receive protection from deportation. Some major tech and gaming corporations have spoken out about DACA, including Madden and Sims studio Electronic Arts.


Last week, Hurricane Harvey touched down in Texas, causing unprecedented amounts of catastrophic damage to the area and killing at least 38 people according to the New York Times. Entire sections of Houston, the United States' fourth largest city, are underwater. The storm has been chronicled on the news and social media. It's also shown up in the videos of YouTubers and Twitch streamers.


Over the past few years, Reddit has become the go-to destination for those who feel they have been mistreated and want to hold powerful figures accountable. But the popular website, which refers to itself as "the front page of the internet", is also a breeding ground for mobs that require little evidence before embarking on vociferous witch hunts. As one moderator told me after the Overwatch subreddit exploded this weekend, Redditors like to "upvote first, ask questions later".


Since March, YouTubers have watched their revenue plummet as advertisers bleed out of the platform. Some videos containing violence, real or fictional, are considered "inappropriate for advertising". First-person shooter Call of Duty, a massively popular game on YouTube, is no walk in the park. So the huge community that's formed around it is getting hit by widespread demonetisation.


Hayven wasn't like other World of Warcraft YouTubers. As he himself was quick to point out, his videos couldn't teach people how to dole out DPS in raids or make rivals rage-weep in PVP. He was interested in the history of the 13-year-old MMO, and he did his best to chronicle it, even after he contracted a rare form of cancer.


Last week, big advertisers such as AT&T pulled ads from YouTube, in reaction to being matched with content that was deemed racist or inappropriate. YouTube has since said they are fine-tuning how people make money on YouTube in general, but content creators on the platform say their channels are being unfairly affected by changes they do not understand.

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Jon Jafari is a popular YouTube gamer and comedian better known as JonTron. He's the founder of Normalboots -- a network of channels including Did You Know Gaming and Peanutbuttergamer -- and was the original cohost of the "Let's Play" channel Game Grumps. Between those projects, Jafari wields influence over an estimated 12 million subscribers, not counting minor cameos and crossovers elsewhere within the YouTube community.