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Our New Favourite Microsoft Fanboy

With Peter Moore gone, J Allard in deep cover, Jeff Bell ignoring our Facebook friend requests and the new boss so uninteresting we can’t even remember his name, things aren’t looking so hot for Microsoft on the personable PR front. Or…are they? This is Jamzy. Jamzy is our new favourite Microsoft fanboy. Dude runs the “360 Psycho” blog on Famitsu (he’s employed by Enterbrain, not Microsoft) and is just on the right side of the nutty/too nutty divide. Yes, that is the Halo 3 logo shaved into the side of his head (he’s got the 360 logo on the back, too). No, we don’t know how exactly he manages to pull it off. Just that he does. It might be the horns. Or the fact he’s odds-on the most hardcore fan of an irrelevant system in all of Japan, and can still get out of bed in the morning looking so enthused. Either or! Halo3 髪斬りデスマッチの全貌 [360 Psycho]

The Cutest Portal Papercraft

When will the internets love affair with Portal end? Who knows. From where we’re sitting we could be getting emails about pumpkins, plushies and God knows what else until the very end of time. Today’s contribution is this adorable papercraft from the adorably-named Tubbypaws. Thankfully, it does not feature the Weighted Companion Cube, which to be frank we’re getting a little sick of, and dwells solely on portals, the gun and the cake-hungry lass with the funny legs. Those feeling crafty can print off the blueprints at the link below. Portal Papercraft [Tubbypaws]

PSP Getting Another Monster Hunter Game

Capcom doesn’t hate Sony, ‘kay? That survey, that was just an oversight, a whoopsie. Capcom loves Sony — so much that the Osaka-based developer is putting out Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G on the PSP. Not surprised? Well, with Capcom putting Monster Hunter 3 on the Wii instead of the PS3 and all, Sony should be happy 2nd G isn’t a DS game. So should PSP owners. The game is slated for next March, and there will be the inevitable PSP bundle like its prequel had. Getting another Monster Hunter game is a coup for the portable — the last one moved something like a million copies. Press Release [Nikkei]

MGS4 Delayed for "Even Greater Enjoyment for More Customers"

Forget that Metal Gear Solid 4 was dated for “This Winter.” Today, Konami announced that the game has been pushed back to second quarter of 2008. That means the earliest we could see it would be March next year. What caused this delay?

KONAMI had initially intended to release “METAL GEAR SOLID 4 GUNS OF THE PATRIOTS” this winter and has been working on the production of the title. KONAMI has decided to delay the title’s release in order to make further improvements to the quality of the game and provide even greater enjoyment for more customers worldwide.

That’s some interesting wording right there. Well, delays suck, but going into TGS, that “This Winter” Japan/US release drop date seemed pretty locked up. Wonder what happened? Hit the jump for press reading fun fun.

Xbox Japan's 2-for-1 Billboard

While Microsoft has South Africa covered, it’s doubling its efforts in Japan. Literally. Check out this: An Akihabara billboard with both Lost Odyssey AND Ninja Gaiden II ads. That’s actually pretty smart — reminding Japanese gamers that both titles are on the Xbox 360. Though, that diagonal banner? Tacky. New Ad [Siliconera]

Pac-Man, Dots and Clyde

Pumpkins galore, Halloween has started! Reader Ben provides us with not one, but four (count ’em) pumpkins: Pac-Man, two pellets and Clyde (well, it is an orange ghost). He writes:

They were carved with love for all games old school.

Is that a marshmallow on a tooth pic for Pac-Man’s eye? If not, let’s pretend it is.

Tetris Creator IS Getting Paid

Here’s how the story goes: Dude creates Tetris, dude gets no royalties. Poor, poor dude. WRONG! Creator Alexey Pajitnov tells GameSpot:

…first of all, it’s not true, because originally I granted my rights to Tetris to my Computer Center, to my organization, for 10 years. And when those 10 years expired, I got my rights back. And since 1996, I’ve been receiving some royalties for it. And I’m pretty happy with what I’m getting now. And I never complain about those 10 years, either… In order to fight for my rights for the rest of my life, I decided to give it up for a while and make it happen. This decision should be done before people realise what we’ve given them.

So, Alexey has been rolling in royalties since ’96? Don’t feel so bad for him. Elsewhere in the Q&A, he talks about how he’s not a great Tetris player and being “really angry” at the Bejeweled creators. All that and more in the link below. Tetris Interview [GameSport] Alexey Pajitnov [flickr]

Halo 3 Shit-Talkers (NSFW)

Sure, we’ve all run into our fair share of asshats while on Xbox Live, but have you ever thought to record the worst of them for posterity? Games Radar did. Thanks. We were about due for a reminder on why we never play with strangers (clip’s got some potty-mouth action, so refrain from hitting the triangle button above if you’re at work).

American McGee's Grimm Coming Spring 2008

We all agreed, you and us, that American McGee gets one more chance. Only because Alice was so rad. That chance is Grimm, his episodic project based on the Brothers Grimm’s fairy tales. Due to appear on GameTap and GameTap only, a teaser page has just gone up advertising a kick-off date of Spring 2008. Date’s circled, curiosity’s piqued, we’ll reconvene next Spring for a discussion on the matter. American McGee’s Grimm [Official Site]

PS3 Driving Robot Car In Robot Car Race

Never heard of the DARPA challenge? It’s great. Real cars are given robot drivers, and they race. Winner is covered in artificial, robotic glory. This year one of the leading contenders in the challenge is Axion Racing’s Spirit, pictured above. And the gaming relevance? Why, it’s “eyes” are a PS3. Running Linux, the PS3 is responsible for “realtime stereoscopic sensor data”, reading terrain info sent from cameras attached to the car’s underbelly. No word on whether it’s also responsible for “gathering dust” and/or “firmware updates”, but we’ll keep you posted! You can find out more about DARPA and Axion Racing after the, *ahem*, jump.

Sony PS3 Tools [Axion Racing, via Slashdot] The DARPA Urban Challenge [Official Site]

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