Here’s When McDonald’s Will Be Open On Anzac Day

Here’s When McDonald’s Will Be Open On Anzac Day

“Is McDonald’s open on Anzac Day?” This is a question we get asked by Dr. Google every April. It’s a weird question to ask us, because we’re a video game website. However, we appreciate that the Kotaku Australia readership are big Maccas fans, so we’re happy to do you a solid.

Whether you’re heading to the local Cenotaph, spending time with friends and family, the Anzac Day break frequently involves two things: a bit of driving and a minor panic attack as you try to remember exactly what is open and when. (Speaking of driving, beware of double demerit points through Anzac Day and across the weekend!)

This means a quick ‘n’ easy drive-thru meal is probably on the menu – with McDonald’s being the most ubiquitous option. Happily, it appears that all Macca’s restaurants will indeed be open across the holiday. Huzzah!

In keeping with store hours during other holiday windows like Christmas, you can expect most standalone McDonald’s restaurants to remain open on Anzac Day as they have special dispensation to do so in most states. Stores situated within shopping centres will likely be closed until 1 pm on Anzac Day, in line with other shops in the complex. Some may still operate earlier, depending on the centre. The Maccas in the Chadstone food court in Melbourne’s South East, for instance, appears to be open from 1 pm with the rest of the centre. Check your local for their updated hours.

Closing times vary depending on location, and we’d recommend you Google your local restaurant to double-check before you head to the drive-thru, but you can likely expect normal trading hours from your local standalone Maccas.

Please enjoy your Big Mac.

This piece originally appeared on Lifehacker Australia. It has been cross-posted to Kotaku Australia and updated many times over the years.

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