10 Ridiculous PlayStation 3 Themes

Are you tired of waves of colour filling your TV while you’re navigating the menus of the PlayStation 3? Were you hoping for a theme that was a bit more dynamic? Something sexier and more gangster, maybe a little less lava lampy?

Oh, you’ve got options. Heaps of them available for purchase for the PS3. After about a half-decade of ignoring the PlayStation 3’s “themes” I’ve suddenly found my new favourite section of the PlayStation store. Seriously. Have you checked the “games/themes” section on Sony’s online shop?

Kotaku video editor Chris Person and I spent a little time flipping through the PlayStation store and have plucked out 10 of our favourite, ridiculous dynamic themes. Just think that someone, somewhere is using one of these themes as the background while they decide which PS3 game to boot up next.

The first one here is called “Dynamic Claus of War Theme” and costs $US2.99 from the good people at Smobile Inc.

AK-47 – “Dynamic AK 47 Theme” – $US2.99 Smobile Inc.

Woman with lightsaber and gun – “Dynamic Cyber Terran 3020 Theme 4” – Smobile Inc. $US2.99.

Woman with apple – “Dynamic Violet Vampire Theme” – Smobile Inc. $US2.99.

Bear – “Dynamic Bear in Stream Theme” – Smobile Inc. $US2.99.

Leprechaun – “DP Leprechaun Dynamic Theme” – Disruptive Media Publishers Inc. – $US2.99 (NOT SEEN IN OUR GIF: Sometimes the leprechaun drinks from his mug.)

Lady in a glass tube – “DP Suspended Beauty Dynamic Theme” – $US3.49 (NOT SEEN IN OUR GIF: Sometimes the lady spins around.)

Guy behind car with shotgun – “Dynamic Gangsters Theme 3” – $US2.99 Smobile Inc. (BONUS: Listen to the custom sound effects for this one.)

Dragon – “Dynamic Dragon Theme” – Sony Network Entertainment – Free, Exclusive to PlayStation Plus Members!

Lady with dragon – “Dynamic Dragon Warrior Theme” – $US2.99 Smobile Inc.

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