TowerFall Was The Most Fun I Had At E3

I have this problem having what humans call “fun” at E3. You see, to me, E3 is work — a pressure-cooker of exhaustion, hand sanitiser and confusing PR campaigns centred in an incredibly sad and weird part of Los Angeles.

At times it’s downright creepy, and you’ll forget why you love games to begin with if you’re not careful.

I almost did. Then I played TowerFall and remembered, “Oh yeah, games are supposed to be fun.”

TowerFall is a four player archery fighting game by Matt Thorson coming to the Ouya later this month. Imagine Smash Bros. bred with games like Spelunkey or Nidhogg. It is immensely addictive, and one of the most compelling reasons I’ve seen so far to buy an Ouya. After playing a few rounds, I didn’t want to leave.

Watch the video above to see the game in action. TowerFall comes out for the Ouya June 25.

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